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Gum disease is one of the common diseases. Gingivitis is most commonly caused as a result of plaque being left on or between the teeth. Over time, there is growth of bacteria and this will start eroding the enamel of the teeth and results in gum diseases and other tool problems.

There are many sources for good gum diseases pictures. It is important to note that using copyright images without asking permission from the owner of the image is a civil offence and can be punished by law. So when looking for gum diseases pictures, it is important to make sure it doesn't come with copyright warning. One of the easiest resources to get gum disease pictures is from the Internet. Doing the image search on any of the top search engines will show thousands of gum diseases pictures. These pictures can be used easily. Disadvantage of using gum diseases pictures from the Internet is that, these pictures wont be unique and already would have been used by many people for different purposes. So if you are looking for gum diseases pictures that I is unique, searching on search engines is not a good option.


In this situation, one of the recommended methods for obtaining gum diseases pictures is from a stocky image and footage resource. Stocky image and footage resources can either be private firms that deal with stocky images that can be brought and used commercially or for any other purpose. Buying these images comes with their copyright. So the person who buys these pictures from the stock image firms is also buying its copyright license. These gum disease pictures will be unique as well as of very high quality. The disadvantage of obtaining gum disease pictures through this source is that these images can be expensive, according to the type and quality. So if it is not meant for a worthwhile cause or for commercial purposes, it will be difficult to justify the cost. Stock gum disease images can also be obtained free of cost from U.S. government medical stock image and footage. The images in this directory are mostly open and available in public domain.

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Another important resource for gum diseases image is the medical atlas. They can be obtained from any library with good collection of medical books. These medical atlases will have gum disease images of all type. It is important to note that images from these textbooks should not be used for any commercial purposes as the images will be strictly copy protected by law. but they can be used for non-commercial purposes. It is better to make sure directly from the author or by emailing the publisher.

Gum disease pictures can also be obtained by contacting the dental department of a teaching hospital. These departments will hold a good collection of gum disease pictures for their academy and teaching purpose. They can be obtained with permission from the respective head of the Department.

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