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Published at 07/17/2011 22:58:17

 Chronic diseases are a disease or condition that persists for a long time. Chronic diseases last for more than 3 months and cannot be prevented by vaccines and cannot be cured by medications. Medications only help lessen the pain and the sign and symptoms that the chronic diseases possess. According to the World health organization (WHO), chronic diseases are responsible for 60% of all deaths in the world. Out of 35 million people who passed away from a chronic disease in 2005, half were below 70 years and half of it were women. Chronic diseases are common to aged people 40 years old and above. Chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, cancer, and diabetes are the leading cause of death and disability across United States. Chronic diseases rates are increasing rapidly globally and nationally and affect all ages and socioeconomic classes. Without action, 17 million people will die this year because of chronic diseases.

 Cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack is a growing alarm worldwide because heart diseases are the leading cause of death among the different kinds of chronic diseases. The said top three causes of cardiovascular problems are tobacco use, poor nutrition and lack of physical activity. Evidence shows that keeping a healthy diet improves cardiovascular outcomes. That is why eating healthy food would help prevent such disease. However, other ways to prevent heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases are also of big help. Examples of which is to increase daily activity like moderate exercises, cessation in smoking cigarettes, decrease intake of alcohol and a diet high in fiber.

Arthritis and other related circumstances are one of the leading causes of disability in the world. The major complain of an individual who has arthritis is joint pain. It is one of the chronic diseases because the pain felt would occur by time and felt for more than 3 months if without proper medication and handling. Pain from arthritis occurs due to the inflammation around the joints and daily wear and tear of joints. Studies have shown that this type of chronic diseases can make a noticeable long-term improvement and pain relief.

 Cancer, one of the chronic diseases, is the 2nd most leading cause of death in the world. While cancer is controllable through prevention and early detection and treatment, it is still at the 2nd most leading cause of death because most of the cancers are undetected in early progression. Treatment of cancer often is expensive and long-term medications are sometimes a requirement in an individual who has cancer. Preventions of cancer are distinct as active measures to lessen the incidence of cancer. Majority of cancer prevention are lifestyle-related. Thus, cancer is largely a preventable disease.

Diabetes affects millions of people with a prevalence of 71,050,100 worldwide. Diabetes is a life threatening disease and with the recent WHO calculation, it indicates 3 million deaths worldwide per year. This is one of the chronic diseases because it is characterized by years of insulin shortage or the decrease of the ability of one’s body to use insulin. When diabetes is not controlled, the fats and the remaining glucose in the blood would overtime, damage the vital organs. It is considered preventable and controllable because lifestyle changes and controlling ones diet would delay and prevent diabetes.

Tips and comments:

 To sum it all up, chronic diseases are caused mainly by lack of physical activity, abuse of tobacco and alcohol and poor nutrition. That is why it is advisable and important to have a healthy lifestyle as early as 30 years old to greatly prevent chronic diseases. A yearly check up would also help detect and treat chronic disease. By following these advices, a healthy body and an enjoyable adulthood will be yours. 


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