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What are the most common mouth diseases


Your mouth plays host to a number of micro-organisms. Most of these are useful and helpful, but some of them can turn rogue and cause mouth diseases. This article has been written to help you know more about mouth diseases, their causes and effects and ways to prevent or cure them.

Most Common Mouth Diseases

High on any list of mouth diseases should be oral cancers. These may occur anywhere in the mouth, the tongue, lips, gums, inside the cheeks, the palate etc. Oral cancer is hard to detect in the early stages, because it is very similar to a painless ulcer. The causes of mouth cancer are mostly avoidable, and they are smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, chewing tobacco. It is best to have any persistent ulcers of the mouth checked by your doctor, even if they seem to be non-malignant. This is because the earlier mouth cancer is detected, the greater chances there are of recovering fully from it. Mumps are a rather common condition that results from a viral infection of the parotid glands (they are the largest of the salivary glands). In both adults and children, a very painful swelling at the sides of the mouth occurs. Mumps happen to be some of the more contagious mouth diseases. They cannot be treated except by the use of painkillers and hydration. Severe cases of mumps can cause testicular swelling and even loss of hearing.

Halitosis, or more commonly, bad breath, is caused because of many very apparent reasons like smoking, alcohol, not brushing or flossing your teeth and not cleaning your tongue properly. It is also how many other problems manifest themselves, sinusitis, liver disease, diabetes etc. Also, when you are on medication that makes your mouth dry, it will lead to bad breath. The easiest way to steer clear of bad breath is to clean your mouth properly, keep the nasal passages and clean and have enough water. One of the more painful mouth diseases is the Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS). This, as the name suggests, causes a burning sensation on the lips, tongue and gums. It seems that middle-aged women suffer most from this disease. It is not known very well why this happens, dryness of the mouth is a factor, so are hormonal changes that take place during menopause. A patient may have just one instance of BMS, or it may keep returning. The only cure is pain medication, hydration and vitamin supplements.

Some More Mouth Diseases

The next on our list of common mouth diseases are canker sores. These are tiny ulcers that form inside the mouth and on the tongue, apart from feeling awkward, they also burn and tingle. They usually heal on their own within ten to fourteen days. Most commonly, they are found in young and middle-aged individuals. Maintaining good oral hygiene usually helps, but some people may need to consult a doctor for a prescription of topical corticosteroid.

Tips and comments

Herpes simplex infection is yet another one of the common mouth diseases. It causes blisters and sores around the mouth and lips. They have the annoying habit of recurring frequently, though these recurring blisters and sores are milder in nature. Herpes happens to one of the very infectious mouth diseases. The condition is worsened by the sun, stress, trauma or the onset of menstruation in women.

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