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Most Common Diseases Of the Mouth

Published at 03/06/2012 21:36:52


Diseases of the mouth are very uncomfortable. They prevent you from eating, drinking, and even swallowing saliva. They cause a lot of discomfort and are downright depressing. Often, they are excruciatingly painful. The main reasons for diseases of the mouth are lack of oral hygiene and deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals.


Gingivitis is perhaps the commonest disease among all the diseases of the mouth. This disease can be very detrimental and can cause as tooth loss if not treated in time. Gingivitis belongs to a group of diseases that are known as periodontal diseases. Peri- means around and -dontal refers to teeth. A periodontal disease usually affects the areas around a as tooth. Gingivitis is characterised by bleeding gums and foul breath. The gums bleed very easily even if they are pressed just a little. This exposes the roots of the teeth and food often gets stuck in between the loose gums and the lower part of the teeth. If teeth are not cleaned regularly, then the food that is stuck around the gums rots. This produces an acid which eats into the enamel of the as tooth. This causes cavities and as tooth loss.The bacteria may also invade the roots directly and cause immense pain and rotten teeth.

Gingivitis can be prevented by maintaining proper oral hygiene. When you brushes one’s teeth regularly, all the food particles that are stuck around the teeth get removed and this prevents them from rotting. Many other factors contribute to the development and deterioration of gingivitis. Brushing your teeth as well hard often causes the gums to bleed. Chronic bleeding of the gums causes them to become weak and can ultimately lead to gingivitis. Smoking is another major factor that causes or worsens gingivitis. If gingivitis is treated in the initial stages, it does not pose much of a threat. In fact, it is quite easy to cure. Sometimes, a cleaning session with the dentist is all it takes. However, an advanced stage of gingivitis (periodontitis) is you of the worst diseases of the mouth.

This is also you of the most common diseases of the mouth. Thrush is the result of a yeast infection inside the mouth. It is characterized by white blotches on the tongue and the mouth. These white patches often appear red in the center and may also bleed. This disease is common in children as well as adults. At any given time, there are some levels of yeast present in every person’s mouth. However, if the levels of yeast rise above normal, then this usually leads to thrush. The infection may be treated with antifungal mouth washes. In children, the infection often clears up automatically.

Hand foot mouth disease is usually seen among children. It is characterized by sores and blisters in the mouth and rashes on the hands and feet. This disease is caused by a virus and has no cure as such. The virus usually subsides after a while. A fever also accompanies this disease. Medications like ibuprofen may be used to treat the fever. A patient suffering from the hand foot mouth disease must drink plenty of water .this helps to avoid dehydration.

Tips and comments

Diseases of the mouth can be prevented by visiting your dentist regularly and ensuring a sufficient intake of vitamins and calcium.


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