About What Causes Leaves To Shrivel
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About What Causes Leaves To Shrivel

Published at 02/28/2012 20:17:42

Shrivelling Leaves

About What Causes Leaves To Shrivel

Trees or plants with shriveled leaves may be suffering from a serious health problem that may have a potential effect to the plant’s ability to grow and to put up flowers. Wrinkled leaves may also show that the plant is drought stressed, which causes the plant to react abnormally.

What are the common causes why plant leaves shrivel or wrinkle?

Dehydration Effects on Plant Leaves

About What Causes Leaves To Shrivel

Just like humans, when plants do not have sufficient water chances are they are going to wither. Water plays an important role in all living organisms. When there is an abnormal depletion of fluid from the live organisms’ body, it causes dehydration.

One of the most common reasons why plant leaves shrivel, is lack of water or dehydration. It’s a simple problem that has major effects on plants. Plants and trees, especially the tropical ones need a large amount of water to grow properly and to prevent problems with pests and possible diseases. The leaves will start to shrivel and curl when the plant is dehydrated. Common and obvious sign of plant dehydration is leaves that turn brown at the tips. If not watered at the soonest time possible it may cause for the plant to die eventually.

Aphids’ Effect on Plant Leaves

About What Causes Leaves To Shrivel

Aphids are garden pests that cause a variety of problems to plants, especially to its leaves. Aphids are tiny insects that suck the nutrients out of the leaves. When they feed on the leaves aphids cause leaves to shrivel or wrinkle; curl, and defoliate.

Other Causes Shrivelled Leaves

Other causes why plant leaves shrivel:

Leaf Miners

Leaf miners are small insects that attack the leaves of a plant. Instead of feeding on the nutrients of the leaves, these pests burrow inside the leaves causing them to curl up. This damages and weakens the plant. Leaf miners lay their eggs in the bark of the plant which allows further infestations.

Verticillium Wilt

This is a soil-borne fungal disease caused by Verticillium albo-atrum and Verticillium dahlia. Plants that are in the area that harbours theses fungal spores caused problems such as leaf shrivelling, leaf scorch and yellow foliage.

Viral Infection

Some instances where the plant leaves curl is because of a viral infection. A virus that is carried and transmitted through white flies may cause the leaves to wither, discolor and develop rolled leaves. The only way to spread the viral inspection is to separate and quarantine the infected plant.

Shriveling or curled leaves on your plants or trees are signals of a problem, whether with growing conditions, diseases or insect infestations. Determining the cause of the problem involves identifying other signs or symptoms as well as current environmental conditions.

To make sure that your plants are healthy, provide proper growing conditions at all times to prevent problems. Aphids, mites and other pests can cause leaves to shrivel and is not aided right away, may cause your plants to die. The use of improper pesticides or soil that has been contaminated by chemicals may also cause this problem. Water the plants regularly, however, remember that too much water can also cause the plant to wither and die.


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