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What Are The Causes Of Indoor Plant Diseases


Despite the fact that house plants are cuddled and comfortably kept inside the house they are still prone to suffer from insects invasion or diseases. So each time you are watering your plants make sure you observe the leaf on both sides and by this you will be looking out for signs of pest or house plant diseases so carefully check the leaf and the leaf nodes. a house plant that is suffering from a house plant disease will look weak ,leggy or pale and may mostly show signs of damage but some of the pests are very small so it is wise to use a magnifying glass so that you can spot and identify the marauders.


Some of theseindoor plant diseases may include


This indoor plant diseases look like gnats that are always fluttering around your plants if disturbed. You will mostly find this resting and feeding on the underside of the leaves .this house plant disease can be controlled easily and therefore if you notice it on your house plant use any of the following methods. You can use insecticides which you can buy at your nearest store ,you can also use sticky traps which is used to trap the insects by a glue like substance.

Mealy bugs

This is a indoor plant diseases which literally sucks. They are small soft bodied insects suck sap from your house plant causing leaves to dry up and fall. In order to notice this house plant disease look for a white ,cottony substance at the leaf node. This house plant disease can definitely be controlled you can apply alcohol with a cotton swab. This will kill the insects hence a health house plant with no house plant diseases.


Spider mites

This is a indoor plant diseases that the spider mites cause small wounds to the cell wall of plants. And this causes a great decline in vitality in the plant. In severe cases webbing of the spider mite will be more visible. So as to control this house plant disease you can increase humidity in the house and this will kill the spider mite. Incase there house plants that have totally been infected you may have to destroy it totally so as not to affect the other plants in the house.


This is another house plant disease , the aphids damage can totally destroy the growth of the house plants. the Aphids are very rapid reproducers and so its damages are spread really quickly and so this calls for very quick control measures the fastest and most effective way to control this house plant disease is by using insecticides.


This is another very bad house plant disease which cause damage of the leaf surface this thrips are small insects and are responsible for the damages .the best method to control this house plant disease is using sticky traps and horizontal oil treatments.

Tips and comments

indoor plant diseases are relatively rare but may be caused by a virus, bacteria or fungus. Use sterile potting mixes rather than garden soil for houseplants to deter the spread of disease.
it is very good to keep checking you house plants for indoor  plant diseases and help control them


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