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Common Oak Tree Diseases


Like any other trees, oak trees are also susceptible to diseases. Oak tree diseases greatly affect the growth of the trees and may even cause the trees to eventually die. These oak tree diseases can also be a common problem for those industries that are dependent on the woods from the oak trees. Most of these oak tree diseases are usually due to fungal infections.

Oak Wilt is one for the most important oak tree diseases. It is caused by a fungus Certocystis fagacearum. In some groups of oak trees, this disease does not manifest symptoms. but for some, symptoms are manifested through their leaves due to discoloration. The mode of action of this disease is its prevention of flow of water and nutrients to the vascular system of the tree making the other parts weak and dehydrated. Unfortunately, there are no treatments for this disease. Once an oak tree manifests the symptoms of the disease, it should be immediately cut off and burned to prevent infection in nearby oak trees.

Anthracnose is another one of the common oak tree diseases that is more common in white oak tree groups such as White Oak and Bur Oak. It is caused by the fungus Gloeosporium. An examination of their leaves and twigs can be done to identify if the oak tree is infected. Usually, the fungus proliferates faster in warm and moist conditions. To prevent from further infection to other parts of the oak tree and from other nearby oak trees as well, infected leaves and twigs should be cut off and copper fungicide should be sprayed.

Powdery Mildew is one of the common oak tree diseases that are also caused by fungal infection. However, unlike other oak tree diseases, Powdery Mildew is cause by two types of fungus, the Microsphera alni and Phyllactinia guttata. Unlike other oak tree diseases, this fungal infection does not really kill the oak trees. However, this disease makes the tree more susceptible to other diseases. This disease is common among all types of oak trees and its symptoms could be observed in the trees leaves. Usually, presence of distinct spots and white powdery mildew would appear on the parts of the leaves. Trimming of infected parts of the tree and chemical fungicides are also used to treat the disease and to also prevent the disease from spreading to other nearby oak trees.

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