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Treatment Of Skin Diseases In Dogs


Although many people may not realise it, skin diseases in dogs are the very common. For a majority of skin ailments which affect humans, there exist similar skin diseases which affect dogs. Skin diseases in dogs can be grouped according to various like causes and on a basis of whether they are primary or secondary. Skin diseases in dogs range from simple diseases which cause skin irritation to more life threatening skin infection which could kill if not treated. Here are examples of skin diseases in dogs and how they can be treated.


Canine atopic dermatitis is one of the most common skin diseases in dogs. Atopic dermatitis is an allergic, chronic skin disease which is hereditary. Dogs with this disease are itchy around the eyes, muzzle feet and ears. Acute cases can also irritation all around the body.Common sources of allergic reactions include pollen, molds, fleas, grass and weeds. Food allergies are also considered asforms of atopic dermatitis. Treatment involves avoidance of allergens which is next to impossible. A common combination of steroids, cyclosporine and antihistamines can be used to treat the disease. Immunotherapy can also be used to equip the immune system deal with these types if skin diseases in dogs. Shampoos can be used to prevent recurring of these infections.


Mange commonly refers to a lager class of parasitic skin diseases in dogs. Sarcoptes spp and demodex spp are common types of mange which are known as scabies and demodicosis in humans respectively. Sacoptic mange commonly known as canine scabies is a highly contagious infection caused by a mite known by the scientific name Sarcoptes scabiei canis. These mites dig through the skin causing the host’s immune system supressed from starvation. A common form of treatment is the application of sulphureted lime once or twice a week. Oral medications like ivermectin can be induced for between two and four weeks.

Demodicosis is another of the Mange class of skin diseases in dogs. It is also known as Red Mange and is caused by sensitivity to demodex canis mites. Often these mites have been found on many dogs but never cause problems until they become too much for the immune system. They cause mild irritation, hair loss and can cause life threatening secondary infections. As the immune system of a dog improves it could completely eliminated the disease which is also treatable with antibiotics and the animals should be washed with medicated shampoos.

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Dermatophytosis commonly known as ringworms is the most common type of fungal skin diseases in dogs. It may also be present in humans, cats, sheep and cattle. This fungal infection tends to thrive on wet, moist and damp skin. Antifungal oral medication is recommended for treatment. To eliminate the fungus completely, the dog should be frequently dipped in a diluted solution of lime sulphur for 4 to 8 weeks.

Malassezia is another of the most common fungal skin diseases in dogs. It is a member of a species of fungi occurring naturally on the skin of many animals including dogs and humans known to cause dandruff and other skin irritations.Treatment is possible via the cleaning of dogs or other animals in shampoos containing selenium disulphide. Hydrogen peroxide solution can also be used to control this nature of skin diseases in dogs.

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