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Published at 04/05/2012 22:55:21


Trees and the greenery associated with them are extremely beautiful and people attach great meaning and importance to it. The ash tree is one such example that has over 60 species spread out over different regions of the world. This tree is a relative of the olive tree and its largest species is the white ash. In general the leaves of this tree change color depending upon the season, and will mostly go from a green to yellow or purple in the fall season. Spring flowers are also grown on this strong or medium strong tree depending upon the growth and shed off until early winter. Even though this is frowned upon, the wood from the ash tree is used in making baseball bats as well. Ash tree diseases are also common and need to be dealt with to preserve the beauty of it.


Trees have present since the presence of man himself in this world. They go far back and though, the early primitive men could not put names to them or give them enough attention to preserve, we in the modern times have realized their importance. Previously men used different trees, even the ash trees for providing them with shelter, and also for firewood to keep them warm in the winters. However, people see that trees and even ash trees are important for preventing global warming and increasing the level of oxygen. Regardless to say, they add to the beauty and, ash tree diseases must be a concern.


There is a wide variety of ash tree diseases that are extremely common and are caused by differing and dangerous reasons some that could also be harmful to humans. Emerald Ash Borer is a harmless beetle that has killed a large number of ash trees in the country and is still swinging with full force. To look for this disease look for S shaped holes and D shaped exits under the bark of the tree and you’re sure to find some solution. Ash Yellows is an ash tree diseases faced by white and green ash trees and is a result of a loss of life and vigor over the passage of time. Dieback may happen and dull leaves may forms of different parts of the tree and may shed regularly. Anthracnose is a disease which causes deep rooted defoliation, dieback of shoots and death of ash tree twigs. Purplish brown veins of the tree are a highlighter of this condition. Other diseases include ash rust, cankers, butt rots, root rots and powdery mild dew just to name a few.

Tips and comments

People can carry out pruning of these trees which will improve their vigor and life span. Pruning can even decrease the likelihood of structural problems that frequently result in failure of growth. Ash tree diseases can be easily prevented by keeping them healthy via regular intensive monitoring, pruning fertilizing and even watering. Basically you have to treat the tree like a person itself. Following these steps means you can easily prevent the ash tree problems from even appearing., if an ash tree disease is too severe then you need to take immediate action and call in an arborist who can treat these trees first hand. finally, organic based macro and micro nutrients along with bio-stimulants can reduce the chances of disease by promoting growth and increasing the endurance of the tree.


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