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What Is Rispoval?


Rispoval is a vaccine that helps to protect calves and cows from contracting respiratory diseases like pneumonia. Many European countries and large scale ranchers have lost millions of shillings to viruses that cause respiratory diseases in their flock. Many have had to cull and burn entire populations due to these diseases that are said to affect anyone who consumes meat from contaminated animals. Calves over three months of age are treated with two doses of rispoval at least 28 days apart and 2 weeks before they are sold off. This has proven to an effective vaccine and it comes highly recommended.


There respiratory diseases in calves and cattle with some being deadly and highly infectious. Following reports of infections across Europe, the world and especially the cattle rearing society has become very conscious of the effects and cures of these diseases. Because most of them are viral and there is no real cure, they have had to rely heavily on vaccines live rispoval to keep the disease in check. The fact is that one cannot cure a full grown cow once it is infected and all one can do is kill it which brings immense loses to the farmer. The only other option is to use rispoval vaccine when it is still a calf and protect both the animal and the investment that one has given so many resources to.


The major causes of respiratory diseases in calves include the environment in which they are kept. In the past when there was plenty of grazing lands, cows roamed the plains and mountains where the air was fresh. Now they are kept in barns to protect them as well as to make use of the little space available. These barns contain warm air which is full of dust, harmful gases, viruses and fungal spores. These are inhaled by the calves and they fall sick needing rispoval.. The viruses mutate and become harmful and dangerous enzymes to the livestock and human beings. This is where rispoval comes in handy to contain these harmful diseases. The calves are also born with a low immunity to these tough microbes and I must be boosted using rispoval. One of the common respiratory diseases is Bovine respiratory disease, otherwise known as mad cow disease. This is the deadliest disease known so far and the damage it has done in terms of flock loss and financial lose is unimaginable. There have been a few deaths in humans but the situation is now under control. One should vaccinate their calves often with rispoval as well as ensure that they buy stock from certified farmers who have documentary evidence of vaccination.

Tips and comments

It is now recommended that the staff employed to take care of the animals are well trained and motivated so as to nip the problem in the bud as soon as it is observed. Observe the calves carefully for signs of restlessness, nasal and ocular discharge, staggering movement and sudden death in the extreme. Recommend rispoval where a problem is observed.

By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/05/2012
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