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What You Need To Know About Windows Beta


The new Windows Beta is rolling in fast and hard, it's been downloaded millions upon millions of times, tinkered, improved and reported back. The developer preview is over, now the dawn of the Windows Beta for consumers has arrived.

There are several new features, backlogs, additions to the SDK (software development kit) and various other new and improved items in the latest Windows Beta release.

So, it's time we told of Windows Beta history, features and we'll also add some tips and hints along the way as well, welcome to  a concise article on what you need to know about the new Windows Beta.




The story of Windows Beta's stared in January 2011, when Microsoft announced that its new OS (operating system) will support 86x, Intel, AMD and ARM processors. The announcement was made at CES (consumer electronics show) 2011, and the rumors of a soon to brand new OS stared to surface. Of course, people were right on the money, five months later, Microsoft's Mike Angiulo officially unveiled Windows 8 to a lot fanfare at the Taipei Computex 2011 in Taiwan.

Later that month, Microsoft's president of Windows, Steven Sinofsky, along with Julie Larson-Green, officially (again) unveiled the new Windows 8 and Windows Beta at the D9 conference in California, though they only showed off the main user interface. Windows Beta unveiling was brought to a grand finale on the  15th of August, 2011, with the opening of the Building Windows 8 blog, which was accessible to both developers and consumers. Though mainly developers read it.

So far, Windows 8 had been announced, show off and documented, but no one had a working version of it on their laptops. This changed at the BUILD conference, where various developers got their first hands-on version of the first Windows Beta, named the Developer Preview. Microsoft also released the Developer preview for download, and it was downloaded over 5,000 within the first 12 hours. In short, it was a super hit.

Of course, as time went buy, the time to release a new Windows Beta for the average consumer and developer came about. So on the 29th of February, 2012, Microsoft release Windows Consumer preview, which is currently  being download by millions of Windows fans, developers and enthusiasts.





So, we've finally  arrived at the main course of our article. There's are many new features, bugs and developments in the new Windows Beta, and we'll walk you through them.

The biggest and best new feature, is of course the Metro UI, this new UI (user interface) was first made for finger friendly devices, such as smart phones and tablets, but Microsoft liked the look so much, they decide to make it the brand new face of Windows 8 and all its supporting or subsidiary systems. Such as Windows Mobile, Windows on tablets and the new Xbox  360 Dashboard. There are rumors that the next Xbox (nicknamed the Xbox 720) will have a Metro UI screen.

Major features of the new Windows Beta are; USB 3.0 support, IE (internet Explorer) 10, a new lock screen and new picture password support.






Tips and comments

As It's still in beta testing, Windows 8 may have many crashes and bugs.

Windows 8 on ARM devices will not support alternative OS's like Ubuntu.


By Mohseen Lala, published at 03/27/2012
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