What Are The Causes Of Cardiac Diseases
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What Are The Causes Of Cardiac Diseases

Published at 02/15/2012 17:35:10

Take Care Of Your Heart

What Are The Causes Of Cardiac Diseases

A symbol of life is the heart. There is a reason why the heart is what comes to mind when we are asked to picture life. It is the heart which is responsible to pump blood to all the parts of the body. This organ in a man’s body is considered to be the strongest muscle. And this muscle works round the clock. The moment the heart decides to stop beating, then life will also halt.

Aside from being the strongest muscle in our body, the heart is known to have a unique ability to adjust and still continue in its task to beat even under great stress. It would even send out collateral feeds when there is obstruction or clots of its arteries. It can bypass the clot as its first line of defense so it can continue to do its function.

Types of Cardiac Problems

What Are The Causes Of Cardiac Diseases

There are several types of known cardiac diseases. These diseases would mainly affect the way the heart works and they would disturb the blood vessel system.

Here are some of the known heart diseases that are common to us. There are still other conditions that may cause problems with the heart but those are not as common as the ones mentioned below.

1. Stroke is one of the heart diseases that have taken a lot of people’s lives. This happens when there is less blood that reaches the brain. But it can also be caused by some bleeding in the brain which is reported as some of the cases of stroke.

2. Coronary Cardiac disease can attack the blood vessel and this can cause heart attack to the person.

3. Cardiomyopathies are considered as a condition wherein the heart grows or reduces in size. This is an abnormal behavior of the heart. In some cases, the heart also becomes rigid. The moment this condition is present, the heart abnormally pumps blood while it is weakened. Eventually, this disease can cause heart failure.

Symptoms of Cardiac Diseases

What Are The Causes Of Cardiac Diseases

There are many other cardiac diseases that are considered serious when it affects the heart. Just because it is not mentioned here it doesn’t mean they are of less risk to the person. It is ideal that people know when to detect the symptoms of cardiac diseases before it actually strikes.

These symptoms are likely to show before a heart attack would follow. Knowing these symptoms might help you not get those attacks to be realized.

People who are about to have a problem with the heart might feel dizzy or fatigue. There will also be some abnormal beating of the heart. The heart can either beat faster or slower than its normal rate. They can also feel some abnormal sweating together with some chest pains. Don’t disregard any pains on your legs, abdomen, lower, back or the neck.

Stress Can Cause Cardiac Diseases

Cardiac diseases can be caused by stress which can affect the way your heart pumps blood. If the heart has problems with how it pumps blood, it can fail to function properly and might eventually shut down.


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