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Diastolic Heart Failure - A New Disease


A new disease or cluster of diseases is being identified every day. Fortunately, Technical and technological advancements of the world have helped the medical world in identifying new and effective medicines and medications for treating diseases. Further, the medical researches and examinations have also led towards discovering the unknown diseases. One of the health condition identified by the medical experts in the recently is diastolic heart failure. Diastolic heart failure refers to inability of the left ventricles of the heart to collect the blood from the lungs after pumping out the blood. However, it is not a new disease, rather an advanced stage of diastolic dysfunction of the heart.

Diastolic Heart Failure - An Overview

Diastolic heart failure is being discovered by the medical researchers based on the intensive studies on the cardiology reports and other reports of cardiac patients. Based on constant study about the damages of the heart and associated development of cardiac illness, a new disease, called diastolic dysfunction has been discovered. Diastolic heart failure is the advanced condition of dysfunction and this is also identified as a new disease, because the previous stage of dysfunction doesn’t show any apparent symptoms or warning signs to treat the disease.

Causes and symptoms

Diastolic heart failure is associated with the improper functionality of the left ventricle of the heart, which affect the collection of blood. Heart works similar to a pumping machine, which emits and receives the blood. Systole is the process that refers to pumping out the blood from the ventricle and diastole is the reverse process involves pumping in or receiving the blood. Systole emits a particular quantity of blood from the heart and diastole receives a particular quantity of blood to the heart. During systolic process the heart contracts to send the blood out and during diastolic process the ventricles regains the relaxed position to receive the blood. When there is any trouble in the diastole process characterized by the contracted heart, it obviously leads towards heart failure.

Even though diastolic heart failure is discovered as a new disease, the causes of this cardiac condition are not new. This cardiac disease is mainly caused to pre-existing cardiac health condition either diagnosed or undiagnosed. For instance, damaged heart muscles, weakened heart, blocked heart valves, improper heart rhythm, etc are the major causes of diastolic heart failure. However, people without experiencing any kind of apparent cardiac symptom can suddenly develop diastolic heart failure as advanced stage of diastolic dysfunction. In addition, elevated levels of blood pressure for years along with high blood cholesterol and fat content in the body also result with rapid development of diastolic heart failure.

The most unfortunate fact about the diastolic heart failure, a new disease, has no apparent symptoms. It means that people who have developed diastolic heart failure tend to get affected by the dysfunction of diastole process for a longer period. Moreover, the symptoms of this heart condition are also associated with other symptoms of breathing illnesses and lungs diseases. For instance, some of the people diagnosed with this disease experienced the symptoms of shortness of breath, extremity of irregular heart rhythm, etc. The condition is diagnosed by several medical tests and examinations ranging from blood test to Electro Cardiogram.

Tips and comments

Since the cardiac conditions are associated with causing this disease, prevention of cardiac illnesses are must to prevent developing diastolic heart failure. 

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