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How To Prevent Chrome Disease


Chrome disease is also known as Crohns disease and is an inflammation of the digestive tract. This swelling most commonly affects the small intestine (ileum), but can also occur anywhere in the food canal (anywhere from the mouth to the anus). As a result of this swelling, irritation occurs; which in return disturbs the fine functioning of the Digestive System.  Since chrohns is an inflammatory bowel condition, it is very commonly mistaken for colitis and/or ulcers. Chrome disease has many symptoms, including throwing up a lot, having pain in the right lower part of the stomach, and the need to recurrently pass stools. An individual can suffer from rectal bleeding, which can have a very severe and hazardous effect on the patient, who will then be at high risk for anemia. Other symptoms include skin-related issues. Individuals may suffer from from great weight loss due to diarrhea and may also have arthritis.  Chrohns can thicken the walls of the intestine, which in return constricts the passage of stool. This thickening can also cause ulcers and scarring the bladder. Children who have this disease often suffer from many other physical challenges.


There are many ways to prevent Chrome disease. Changing your lifestyle is one important factor. We can adjust our diet and drink loads of water. Smoking is one cause of suffering from chrome disease, so it is highly recommended to stop smoking all together. One should abstain from eating big meals and eat small meals frequently.  Eating small meals will also help if you have no appetite. A well balanced diet is the key to good health when suffering from chrohns disease. It is essential to consume a daily dose of enough calories, proteins and nutrients. Eating from a variety of food groups is also very important, as excess of everything is bad and something is better than nothing. Regular exercise should be a part of our daily life.  Getting enough sleep is one way to stay healthy and avoid diseases. Avoiding high fiber foods i.e. beans, nuts, popcorn and bran is helpful. One should keep away from greasy and fatty foods. Fried foods should also not be eaten. Avoid foods that result in gas for example spicy foods, beans, cauliflower and citrus fruits.


The diagnosis of the Chrome Disease is very tricky. Sometimes a number of various tests are done by the physician before making the diagnosis. Even with all the tests, it is very challenging to diagnose Chromes disease and be certain about it. Endoscopy is performed commonly by physicians, alongside the study of various X-ray films. Mouth ulcers and skin rashes can be found in physical examinations. Swollen joints are also very common among the patients suffering from crohns disease. Physicians also tend to do the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and the CT scan (Computerized Tomography) of the abdomen to get a proper look. A sample of the stool is taken for testing to further investigate the possible causes of the symptoms.

Tips and comments

There is no specific medication of the Chrome disease. Medicine for diarrhea can be taken. Physicians also tend to prescribe the patients with very strong pain medicines. But there is no cure for this disease. Some with very severe symptoms go under surgery. Bowel resection is done by removing the damaged part of the intestine. However, it still does not cure the condition.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/09/2012
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