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What Are the Signs Of Chrone Disease

Published at 02/09/2012 02:49:55


Greetings reader I am going to help you learn how to spot the symptoms of Crohns Disease commonly misspelled as "chrones disease". First off, I want you to understand to spell the name of the disease correctly before wrongly spelling it how you think it sounds. To correctly learn to spell the disease name first you should use a simple medical search and understand a search of chrones comes up as auto corrected to Crohns Disease.

In order to spot the signs of Crohns disease (not Chrone disease) you need to look at the big picture. If you have one symptom out of many it can mean nothing to something else. If you have many of the symptoms this would be a sign that you could potentially have a serious illness. A symptom by symptom check is important in determining how likely it is that a person can be inflicted with Crohns disease.  

The first major sign of how to spot Crohns disease is intense abdominal pain. The pain is usually on the right side of your stomach with tenderness on your left side. This will be a daily pain while the disease is flaring up or becoming active. The pain is caused by an auto-immune reaction attacking your intestines. The pain will usually increase dramatically after meals or in the mornings after remaining inactive for a period of time.

The second major sign of how to spot Crohns disease is lack of appetite and extreme weight loss. Because of the inflammation in the colon a sense of constant fullness or lack of hunger is always present. When you hurt it causes you to feel like you do not want to eat anything, even if you need to eat.

The third major sign of Crohns disease is nausea and restroom issues. When you’re eating or drinking foods or even when you’re doing nothing, the potential to need to run to the restroom is always there. Your insides react badly to anything in your system and decides it needs to empty itself one way or another. This means if your spending lots of time in the bathroom it is a bad sign. If you spot blood when in the bathroom this is a major sign that something is seriously wrong and needs immediate attention. There should never be blood coming out of your body like that.

The final major sign of how to spot Crohns disease is extreme dehydration and anemia. When you’re constantly using the restroom for whatever reason you will lose lots of valuable water. If you’re sick you will most likely lose more water than your putting into your body. This causes lots of problems from a lack of energy to extreme tiredness. Another is anemia or lack of blood in your body. A simple way to spot this is if your skin looks really white. Low blood on its own is very dangerous adding to the fact that dehydration reduces blood flow. With low blood and low blood pressure moving around fast is risky and must make sure blood flows to your brain before you jump up and black out.

One of these symptoms could be a sign of nothing, but if you experience all of these symptoms there is a good chance you have Crohns disease or something similar. Even if you have all these symptoms don’t try to self diagnose yourself always seek medical attention to determine if you have a serious problem. Knowing your body and seeking treatment is a great on how to know the signs and likely hood of Crohns Disease (not Chrone disease).


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