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Today, out of many Diseases autoimmune are some common ones that harm the body in one way or the other, in whatever form they take. They may bring physical changes to your body or cause internal damages. Either way, it is dangerous. These diseases range from simple ones like influenza and cough to serious ones like hepatitis and diabetes. Although, various treatments, therapies, vaccines and medicines are available to treat these diseases autoimmune are quite difficult to combat. A lot of care and expensive treatments are the requirement to fight them still with fewer chances of cure and survival.


The immune system is that system of the body that consists of multiple cells and organs that prevent certain germs and infections to affect the body. These cells make the body less susceptible to contagious diseases autoimmune included, that cause harm to the body in one way or the other. The body parts that can be affected by these diseases include brain, eyes, mouth, spinal cord, thyroid, lungs, stomach, joints, pancreas, large intestine, small intestine, bladder, vagina, cervix, ovary, uterus, kidney, liver, esophagus, skin, heart, trachea, blood and blood vessels. Other inner parts of the body susceptible to these diseases include glands, muscles and nerves. Thus, whenever the defense system of the body disrupts, these ailments catch the body parts in an adverse way.


These autoimmune diseases have caught more than 23 million Americans. Some of these diseases like Hashimoto’s disease affect majority while some do not. Like other diseases autoimmune diseases can also occur to anyone. But there are some people who have a greater risk of catching them than others. These include pregnant women who are at the time of bearing a child. It is also a genetic disease that passes on with the family. People who work in such environments where they have a connection with chemicals, sun rays and bacterial infections are more likely to become victims of these diseases. People belonging to specific races and background have a tradition of getting these diseases like the white people are vulnerable to type 1 diabetes disease. Mostly women are victim of these diseases. They are likely to catch Alopecia areata where the hair follicles are affected but the rest of the health is not affected. It causes severe hair loss in different areas of the body. Another disease is the diabetes type 1, as mentioned earlier. In this disease insufficient insulin is produced by the body cells that make it difficult to control the blood sugar level resulting in high and low sugar levels. It is accompanied by extreme thirst, frequent passing of urine, lethargy, blurred vision, dry skin that often causes itching as well. Thus, there are the diseases that are further linked to other diseases and give way to them.

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Along with other diseases autoimmune diseases also come with a cure but in most cases it is advised to focus on prevention rather than cure. The treatment of such diseases varies from relieving oneself from frequent symptoms to intake of substances that the body fails to produce on its own.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/26/2012
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