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How To Identify a Living Organism


This world is filled with so many kinds of living organism, some of which we haven’t even heard of yet, while others we haven’t seen yet with our own eyes except through the pages of magazines and through the television screen. If you have encountered something that you think to be a living organism, then you might want to know how you can identify if it is actually one. There are certain factors that can help determine if something can be considered as a living organism. Here are some of the characteristics that living organisms should possess in order to be considered as such.

Step 1

Cellular structure. Living organisms can be determined if they possess a certain number of cells. The more complicated a living organism becomes, the more cells he would possess, which would help determine if a particular organism is a living organism. These living organisms would have organs that are made up of certain cellular tissues that can only be found in living things, and not in non-living things. Once you understand and possess these information and knowledge about the cellular structure of living organisms, it will be easier for you to identify them.

Step 2

Ability to reproduce. Only living organisms have the ability to reproduce, and it can be either sexually or asexually. Whatever form of reproduction certain organisms employ in order to pass on their DNA material, the main thing is that living organisms need this process in order to reproduce. Plants perform reproduction through the use of a process called pollination. Human beings and certain animals, on the other hand, would require a partner in order to be able to pass on their DNA and create an offspring.

Step 3

Ability to consume. Living organisms generally need to consume other things in order to be able to produce energy in order to keep living. Certain living organisms, like plants, produce their energy through a photosynthesis process wherein they are able to create their own food source. Human beings and animals, on the other hand, need to consumer particular types of food in order to produce energy, allowing it to nourish them and improve their rate of survivability.

Step 4

Ability to adapt. Another trait of living organisms that is unique to them is that they possess the ability to adapt to their environment. If a living organism feels that a particular environment is hostile to it, it will do what it needs to in order to preserve itself, such as adapting to the environment, or simply relocating to a more suitable place for living.

Step 5

Capability to perish. Living organisms, as the name implies, is an organism that is living. That means that it can cease to live once any of its basic and fundamental needs are not met. Non-living things cannot die, but they can be damaged or destroyed.


These are just some of the characteristics that living organisms possess. If you want to be able to determine if a particular organism is living or not, it should have one of these characteristics.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/17/2012
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