What Is Borne Diseases?
Diseases Diseases

What Is Borne Diseases?

Published at 01/13/2012 13:27:48

Diseases of Every Kind

What Is Borne Diseases?

There different forms of diseases all over the world. Diseases can be simple or complicated. Those diseases that are simple and common are those that can be acquired by most people given the same conditions. Although being sick and infected with a disease is not a welcome condition to have, the good thing about common and simple diseases is that there are also common and available treatments.

Since not all diseases are the same, the nature and the seriousness of each disease may also vary. The available treatments for diseases may be able to cure you but, sadly, there are diseases that are just incurable. For incurable diseases, the most man can do is just relieved whatever pain or discomfort diseases would cause.

The Many Diseases Around

What Is Borne Diseases?

The hundreds of diseases are of different types or categories. Disease can be classified into infectious, environmental, and other types of diseases. Those that fall under the infectious diseases category are those that are caused by parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Some of these infectious can be contagious or non-contagious. Some examples of infectious diseases are common cold and flu; which are common and curable.

Those that are classified under the environmental diseases include diseases caused by lack of nutrition or have something to do with the food that we eat. It also refers to diseases that are acquired from the conditions of the environment that we people are exposed to. Those environmental conditions may not be favorable to people and can compromise the health of a person. 

And there are also diseases that is related or caused by other factors such as genes. There are diseases that are passed on from one generation to the next.

Borne Diseases Identity: Revealed

What Is Borne Diseases?

Among the many types and causes of diseases in the world, there are diseases that are considered borne diseases.

The word ‘borne’ means ‘that which is carried or transported by an agent’. So if we try to understand it in the aspect of diseases, borne diseases are those that are carried or transmitted to people by an entity or another being.

There are several borne diseases among all the other types of diseases. Examples of borne diseases would include blood-borne diseases, food-borne diseases, water-borne diseases, and many others.

Blood-borne diseases are spread to different people through contamination by blood. Examples of which are hepatitis b and C, HIV, viral hemorrhagic fevers.

Food-borne diseases are those that are spread through food or beverages that can sometimes be life-threatening. Bacteria, viruses, and some harmful organisms can be in the food that you eat which causes problems.

As the word suggest, water-borne are spread through contaminated water.

Be Clean to Be Protected

There are different ways of ensuring that you are protected by these borne diseases. For blood-borne diseases, always make sure that the medical tools being used on you are clean. Always disinfect things that are use on other people. Keep your water clean and don’t leave water content placed on a vessel without a cover to make sure your water has no harmful organisms living in there. And as for food-borne diseases, don’t just eat anything you see especially if you don’t know how it is prepared.

Be conscious of the cleanliness of your environment so bacteria, fungus, and viruses will not survive in your area.


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