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What Critical Illness Cover Insurance And Is There a Cap on the Amount?

Agents and the insurance they are selling

Insurance agents usually seen at the malls, offering insurances in a certain company or an employer obligates the employee to get insurance as part of their benefits, which in the long run has an advantage to people when they get illness or critical condition. Most insurance company mistakenly understands by the insurers due to lack of explanation or knowledge to what kind of insurance they get. There are life insurance (with different limitation as per company), health insurance (depends on the injury or services offered), and critical illness cover insurance.

Very common critical illness

The most common critical illness being offered in insurance companies are cancer, stroke, and heart attack, since these are the most common critical illness a person will have. Critical illness cover nsurance company provides you with a lump sum payment if you suffer from a critical illness cover insurance and the 30 day survival period. These benefits comes in, where you are free to use in any ways, such as to compensate hospital bills, pay off private nurses, out of the country treatment, and even pay off mortgages.

Think before you pledge

Before signing critical illness cover insurance form, you must know the details and coverage that the insurance company offers. You must know:

  • If the legitimate family automatically liable of receiving the benefit and the lump sum payment (considering the regulations such as medical certificate and other proof) covered by the insurance company if the patient is bedridden.
  • There are limitations when immediate death happens, and you will still get the benefits.
  • All the small details regarding the coverage of the critical illness insurance such as if the person experiencing stroke is this included or covered, thus the family still get the benefits if the insurance policy says “heart attack”.
  • What are the requirements needed in case the critical illness happens.
  • If the company can still provide you with financial benefits if the insurance company declares bankruptcy.

Thinking ahead of you

People should consider things in accepting critical illness cover insurance, on the other hand, insurance company also consider things before approving the insurance benefit of the client.


  • The insurance company makes sure that the insurer is liable in paying the insurance they get. It depends on what kind of critical illness benefit and table they will get; type of benefits the patient will have in case of emergency and the beneficiary.
  • The age of the insurer and the critical condition of the patient.
  • Number of years the patient can still pay before retirement.
  • Medical History and Family History of the insurer to make sure that the insurance company is not gabling to the health condition of the insurer.
  • The insurance company can adjust to your source of income monthly and can give you enough options which type of insurance fits you and your budget.

These are just some factors that insurance companies consider before they will approve the critical illness cover insurance of the person. In this way, they are not putting the financial status of the company into jeopardy and to decrease the risk of bankruptcy. Getting a critical illness insurance to cover up for your medical obligation is important to lessen your worries in the future.

By Felix Go, published at 02/09/2012
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