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Hereditary, inborn or by nature

The health of the person is very important that is why people are afraid of having a critical illness. Most critical illness life are hereditary, some are inborn, and some are by nature, no family medical records, it starts with the patient; which is why it is very hard to explain. Some of the critical illness life a person might have are very crucial and can be fatal if the person’s body is not that healthy or if left uncure.

Critical illness, curable and non curable

Patient is not the only person who gets stressed because of their critical illness life, family members also get stress if they see the patient suffering from critical illnesses. Here are the list of the most critical illness life a family will have.

1) Alzheimer’s disease. This is very common condition to most aged people. This is a disease which affects the brain of the person and includes memory loss, confusion, communication problem and impairment of mental function. A person having this disease needs a 24 hour care.

2) Benign brain tumor. It is a non-cancerous abnormal growth of tissue that can increase in size and cause pressure in the brain. Symptoms depend on the tumor and usually removed under the surgery, but may reoccur depend on the tumor and the health condition of the person. In the long run, come tumors become malignant that leads to cancer.

3) Cancer. This is a disease where normal cells change and grow in an abnormal way, if not treated may lead to fatal disease. Symptoms and causes depends on the type of cancer grow inside the person’s body. Medication and treatment also depends on the cancer stage.

4) Dementia. This is a brain disorder that is usually progressive and eventually severe. It causes the patient to become confused and disorientated and often unable to perform routine like cooking a meal.

5) Parkinson’s disease. It is a no known cure disease that is slowly progressive disease of the brain. Symptoms include tremors (uncontrollable shaking or trembling), muscle stiffness and slowness of movement.

Critical illness, medication and money

There are a lot more critical illness life in the list and some just pop-in in the persons’ body. According to the doctors, these critical illnesses come out because of the food intake (unhealthy food such as eating grilled or barbeque more often, junk foods and vices), unhealthy life style (more work, more stress, but less time to rest) and the way we see life (self-pity, more to alcoholic drinks and working environment). It is also hard to stay fit, especially if the first reason why certain people do not consult a doctor is because of poverty. They seek for financial for their condition, to believe that what they really need is a food to survive the day.

Critical illness, life and family

Psychologist says that a person should always have a positive thinking and a positive understanding to whatever trials they may encounter. This is very hard to do but with the help of the family members and the support they give, nothing is impossible in defeating a critical illness life.

By Felix Go, published at 02/09/2012
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