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How To Get Admission in Colleges And Universities

Published at 02/21/2012 02:37:39

How To Get Admission into Colleges And Universities

To carry on your studies at a higher level, you have to get admission in colleges and universities. One can easily get admission in colleges and universities after passing through a specific series of procedures. Eligibility criteria for getting admission in any college or university, a student has to pass the SATs and graduate from high school. Without these ten years of education, he or she will not be considered for getting admission in colleges and universities.

Step 1

There is a process for admission of students in colleges and universities. After passing the SATs, a student is capable of making decision regarding his future. His grading in last ten years let him know about his capabilities and he moves to get admission in colleges and universities according to his marks or grades. A student who is having good grades in his past educational career can get admission in highly reputed college or university. First of all, to get admission in colleges and universities, it is very important thing to know about the reputation of institute and the ongoing programs in it.

Step 2

The running programs in colleges and universities can guide you to choose the best one for you. First step is to buy a prospectus of that specific university, in which you want to get admission. This prospectus helps you to choose program of your own interest. Second step is to check out the merit of the last year of your respective program. To get admission in colleges and universities of good reputation, it is necessary factor to obtain good grading. In this way, one can carry his studies in a well manner. In some colleges, there is a process of interview through which a student has to pass. Every college or university defines and follows its own rules and regulations for the admission of students. In different universities, different rules are followed regarding fee schedules.

Step 3

There are two types of colleges and universities. One type of university is run under the rules of government where the other type is autonomously at its own behalf. In colleges and universities of autonomous status, a student has to pay a heavy amount of fee at the time of admission.

Step 4

In colleges and universities of government level, fee schedules are designed by keeping in mind the status of all rich and poor students. With the passage of time, there came a change in colleges and universities admission system. Quota system is also introduced in colleges and universities for special students.

Step 5

There is specific percentage of seats for disable students. They can get admission on quota base. For the admission of disable students, tests are taken. After the result, duration of almost 1 month is required to get admission in any institute. A good number of colleges and universities is found in all countries. Either it is Pakistan or USA, to get admission in any institute is a hectic and a little troublesome process.


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