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Top tips on how to survive in universities

Published at 01/12/2012 19:27:29


Going to university is all about changing your life and making the best of it, while at the same time, studying hard to get that dream job you always wanted. So, you are now finding your way around and things are just getting too much for you. You will face a lot of challenges when you go to university and you have to be really strong. Life can very tough in universities, but sometimes you just have to push through and keep your sanity. In order to survive in universities, pay attention to the tips below.

Step 1

Make Your Way to Class: There is no better way of saying this when looking at the way how some things run in universities. Pull yourself out of bed and make sure you get to class on time. Attend all your classes and do all your homework. There are going to be loads of distractions, but it is up to you to make sure that you keep your nose in your work.  Once you go to university you become independent, you should be able to manage you time and work in an organised manner.

Step 2

Find a balance between everything: Things can get really crazy in universities, so make sure that you balance your studying and your partying. If you are going to spend 4 nights of the week partying, you better make sure that you cram everything else into the 3 days you have left of the week. If you want to pass and excel in your studies avoid going to parties daily. You can go at least two times a week.  Choose your friends wisely; do not just go out with anyone. Look for good things and habits in the friends that you choose.

Step 3

Make sure you complete everything on time: If you are given assignments, make sure you do them. The difference in high school was that assignments handed out were graded. In universities, many of the assignments given are only optional. It will be in your best interest to do these, because that is how you are going to learn. You will know when everything pays off when the exam comes and you ace the paper.  Coursework contributes up to 10% of your final mark, so you must complete and submit or your assignments on time.


Meet people and enjoy every moment: In universities, you will not make it alone. You need people to depend for questions, peer support and the occasional answer. Also, make sure you attend parties and events to meet more people that share the same interests as you. You will find time for everything once you adapt to the rush that you find in colleges. Take a breath, do what you are asked and come out on top above the rest. Following these tips will help you to survive even in the most difficult situations in college. Although you have all the independence to do all you want, you will need to have a sense of discipline and respect for yourself.

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