Dorm Life At Colleges & Universities
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Dorm Life At Colleges & Universities

Published at 01/25/2012 07:03:13


Dorm Life At Colleges & Universities

Dorm life of colleges & universities has been an exciting yet independent experience. Throughout your stay there, you would be doing your washing and cleaning yourself. You would live with people of the same age group, interest, goals, ambitions and targets. In the dorm, you will get a great chance of socializing with different types of people. It is a great place for learning and understanding the lessons of life; lessons that are not mentioned in any book but you have to experience them.

Patience and tolerance are two keys to happy dorm life. It is not easy to get adjusted to new people in new places. The first person that students usually encounter with is their roommate. As you would be spending much of your time with your roommate, so it is necessary to have a friendly relation. It would be better if everything related to room chores is discussed in advance. This can save both of you from lots of troubles. Remember the rule: give respect have respect. Respect and tolerate your roommate and his privacy and he will definitely try to do the same.

Dorm Life At Colleges & Universities

Life in colleges & universities:

While strolling in dorm’s activity or recreational room, you will meet several people. Some of them may be very nice and kind to you while the rest of them may be pompous and rude. Be nice to nice people and tolerate the rude ones because you may be meeting your best friend for upcoming years. Adjusting with dorm mates can teach you how to deal and survive with different sort of people. This will be helpful in your professional life too.

Keep in mind that dorm rooms are not big enough to accommodate all of your stuff in colleges & universities life. You can carry only limited and important stuff. If you carry too much, you will not be able to settle them in your room and your roommate may get disturbed too. Learn the dorm rules and follow the resident assistant’s instructions properly. Get a list of approved and disapproved things from the office and act accordingly.


Dorm Life At Colleges & Universities

Dorm life factors at colleges & universities:

One of the most positive things about dorm life is that you can have a study group. A person studying in a group learns more. As students at dorm share common interest, they can help each other in studies. Conflicts are inevitable part of dorm life. It is not unusual to have small fights or arguments with your dorm mates. The important thing is to finish them as soon as possible. Taking initiative to resolve the conflict is not bad at all, instead it will communicate good impression.

If we compare living at colleges & universities, as in a dorm is very much different than living in your own house. You should understand this fact and refrain from comparing the two. Initially, it may seem difficult to share bathroom, washers and dryers with other people. But once you will realize that you have to adjust and there is no other option, you will be fine with it. Life in college dorm gives you practical lessons. With small effort and positivity, you can have a wonderful and memorable dorm life.



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