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Best black colleges and universities in the United States

Published at 01/26/2012 16:06:11

Best black colleges and university in the United States

Just as the name suggests, these are colleges and universities in America that were established after the American civil war to address the needs of the African American community around them. They were initially in the states where there was slavery earlier and were meant to prepare the newly freed slave to incorporate into the society.

However most of these universities in the US have grown so much so that they incorporate students from other racial backgrounds. Currently there are very many Black colleges and universities in the United States and some of the best are as follows:

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1. Howard University
It is a private black university in the US located in the Washington area, DC founded in 1867. It boasts great alumni like the great writer Toni Morrison and the Emmy Award winner Phylicia Rashaad. It is culturally diverse and students have over 80 courses from which to choose from.

2. Fisk University
It is also a private university founded in 1866. It has alumni who have made great achievements for example the two time Pulitzer winning author Hazel O’Leary.

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3. Virginia State University
This is one of the universities in America to be the first state supported institution for African Americans. It was founded in 1882 and as grown such that it even offers quite a number of Doctoral programs.

4. Spelman College
Spelman is one of the oldest universities in America founded in 1881 meant to empower the African-American women. It specializes in women studies meant to prepare women to change the world. It is in an urban setting, just five minutes from downtown Atlanta. Its small size ensures that the women get the highest quality education. It is also known for the financial aids provided for full time students.

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5. Tuskegee University
This is one of the oldest black universities in the state of Alabama founded in 1881. It’s a private university whose setting is rural. It offers the highest quality education and boast of great Alumni like the famous actor Keenan Ivory Wayans.

6. Hampton University
It’s curriculum for both undergraduate and post baccalaureate programs are considered as one of the best in America. It also offers high quality athletic programs to compliment their programs.

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7. Xavier University Louisiana
Xavier University was established in 1915 as a black catholic university. Over 80% of its full time students receive some kind of financial aid to ease the financial burden. It offers highly competitive scientific education programs; President Barrack Obama is a honorary degree holder from this university.

8. Claflin University
Founded in 1869, Claflin is one of the greatest black universities in the United States which boats of top-quality athletic, academic and extra curricular programs with global student exchange programs.

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9. Dillard university
Established in 1869 in New Orleans, Dillard University offers high quality education with African American history and culture incorporated throughout its curriculum.

10. Morehouse University
This is a private black University, founded in 1867 and is ranked highly among the universities in America.


These are just a few of the many black universities in the United states that offer quality education in various fields, that any student may want to pursue to advance their career.