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5 Best Courses From Universities

Published at 12/30/2011 16:12:25

Education is part of career building process. Education not only helps us in building a good career but it also helps us to become a good human being. There are many options for students as far as education is concerned. In many countries, parents put great stress on their children’s education and it is their first priority.

There are many universities worldwide and they offer many courses to the students. Every student wants to get into a field of their choice but at times the marks they get in the qualifying exam does not allow them to take admission in the course they want.

Sometimes due to peer pressure students opt for a course which they don’t want to get into while many times students buckle under parental pressure and they take a course which they don’t want to study. The consequence of such pressure tactics are sometimes very fatal because many students drop-out from their course because they never had interest in them hence one should only study courses which suits them and their aptitude.

Globally, from universities there are many courses offered at Masters and Bachelors degree level. Universities also offer many career oriented courses at Post Graduation level but the hottest university courses are at Bachelor and Masters Degree level.

Those students who like to study Commerce join Masters or Bachelors degree in Commerce while those who like to study pure science pursue Masters or Bachelors degree in Science. There are also students who opt for Masters or Bachelors degree in Arts.

In Commerce stream, Masters level students have option of graduating in Marketing, Finance and Accounting. Masters level students from pure Science stream have option of graduating in Chemistry, Physics and Biology while students from the Arts stream have option of graduating in Psychology, Philosophy and HR.

In fact there are hundreds of courses but the 5 best courses from universities and mostly preferred by the students worldwide are as follows

Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA)

This is the most widely studied course from universities throughout the globe. This is considered to be the best course for those who want to get into business management of any top multinational company. MBA graduates are paid very high salary and they have a very successful career. No other graduate can touch the salary or lifestyle of an MBA graduate. This course is in great demand. Most multinational companies hire top MBAs from the campus itself. MBAs are considered to be out-of-the-box thinker’s which helps an organization to improve its productivity. 

   Masters Degree in Medicine (MD)

Most doctors with Bachelors degree like to pursue their Masters Degree in Medicine from universities because it helps them to improve their knowledge. It also helps them to make a lucrative career.

Masters Degree in Engineering (MS/ME/MTech)

All engineering graduates like to pursue Masters Degree in Engineering from universities throughout the globe. This degree helps them to work in the field of research and teaching in various streams of engineering depending on their specialization. This degree provides them many great career options.

Bachelors Degree in Medicine (MBBS/BDS/BHMS)

There are many students who prefer doing Bachelors Degree in Medicine from universities and it is the hottest career option for many students.

Bachelors Degree in Engineering (BS/BE/BTech)

Bachelors Degree in Engineering is the most sought after under-graduate degree course and it is offered by many universities from all around the globe.

Tips and comments

With my years of experience I can say that the above mentioned 5 courses are the best courses offered by the universities and every year many students opt for them because students and parents think that these courses can offer better career option but I would say there is nothing like sure shot success even after doing these courses. Even those who have done courses in other streams have tasted incredible success in their career so never get disheartened in case you didn’t get the opportunity to study the above courses.



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