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How To Get Addimission Universities in Uk


A college or university education is one of the weapons that an individual should arm themselves with in order to be able to effectively survive in the competitive world that we are currently in. The United Kingdom boasts of some of the finest institutions of higher learning in the world, and an individual who would like to get the best quality education in any particular field should look at universities in UK.

Step 1

When deciding which universities in UK to apply in as well as which field to specialize in, research is key. It is important to thoroughly do your homework in order to determine which institution will best serve your purpose for educational advancement. After thorough research, narrow down your universities in UK list to about five that best tickle your fancy.

Step 2

The next thing that you should do is visit the websites of your chosen five universities in UK in order to find contacts about their admissions office. Most universities in UK prefer that international students contact them directly either through phone or e-mail so that they can advise them accordingly on the proper steps to take in order to gain admission into their institution. The website as well as the staff in the various universities in UK can also advice you on the exams that you are expected to take as well as the process of getting an interview, international costs as well as housing facilities for international students in universities in UK.

Step 3

The process of applying to universities in UK is simpler than in the US as one does not require different application forms for each university. One only has to visit the admission’s service website to begin their application to any institution in the United Kingdom. This single form can be directed to a maximum of five universities at a time and it has helped improve organization as well as reduce the hassle of applying to universities in UK.

Step 4

The application form requires one to submit their personal details as well as other details such as their certification and their work history or level of education. A fee of 15 British pounds is charged on submission of the form to facilitate the application process.

Step 5

You can then sit down and wait with bated breath for your dream universities in UK to send you an e-mail with the decision they have reached based on your initial application. They may then ask you to submit additional documentation, and some universities in UK may even require potential students to take an interview or proficiency tests.


Each university may have different policies, and you will have to deal with each one of them individually with the hope that you may get a chance in one of the great institutions, if not all of them. Ensure that you follow each instruction to the latter and do your best to meet each university’s requirements. If the university requires you to take an interview, prepare for it properly and hopefully, you will be spoilt for choice at the end of the day when all the universities in UK that you applied to request you to accept your admission.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/24/2012
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