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How To Get Admission in Michigan Universities


It has been said that education holds the key to success, but the university that you choose can be provide you with the perfect gateway and the best roadmap towards success. There are various universities around the world, and some of the best are based in the US state of Michigan. Michigan Universities are famed for their holistic moulding of the individual in every single aspect, and an admission to Michigan Universities is a dream come true for many senior students from all over the world.

Step 1

Like many universities in the United States of America, Michigan Universities require great grades in order to consider an individual for admission. Most of them require a background of about four years in Mathematics, English and Social Sciences, and at least one year experience in computers. Extracurricular activities such as sports and the arts will definitely help to set you apart from the crowd and improve your chances of being selected to join the prestigious Michigan Universities.

Step 2

Admission to Michigan Universities requires individual applications to the specific universities, and most of this can be done through the university’s website or through downloading a form. A high Grade Point Average is a must, and most of these Michigan Universities require applicants to take a standardized test such as the ACT in order to gage their intellectual as well as critical thinking abilities.

Step 3

Most Michigan Universities require an application fee of as much as fifteen dollars in order to process the applicant’s information as well as a transcript of the applicant’s four years in high school. Some may also require a personal statement as well as a written essay on a particular topic, or on a topic of your choice.

Step 4

Michigan Universities try to ensure diversity in the student population and therefore certain admission criteria such as geographical residence are usually considered on application. Some Michigan Universities may also require applicants to go through a rigorous interviewing process in order to determine if they are the right match for the institution, and therefore it is important for applicants to prepare themselves well in advance for this.

Step 5

Michigan Universities consider more than just an applicant’s final year in high school as they usually request an applicant’s complete transcript. Therefore, preparation for admission to Michigan Universities begins the minute one enters high school, as every single activity in high school will help to increase your chances of being accepted to Michigan Universities.


An applicant should fill out each application keenly and communicate with the admissions office of their dream university in order to seek clarification as well as get information on any extra requirements that will help to set them aside from the pack as ideal candidates for admission. It is also important for an applicant to check the dates of various deadlines as most Michigan Universities have a deadline date for applications. A potential freshman may be contacted by e-mail in case any extra documentation is required and they should avail every single document in order to ensure that their application is complete and that the admission’s board has enough to vet their qualifications on. Hopefully, in case the applicant is admitted, they will be contacted through e-mail as well as physical mail in order to advise them on the way forward.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/23/2012
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