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10 Uk Top Universities


Top universities in the UK are known internationally. Highly revered for their level of education, uk top universities are numerous though this article will only look at the top 10. If you are considering studying in London, these are the universities you should consider.


  • University of Cambridge – This University has been around for over 800 years. One of the most highly acclaimed uk top universities, University of Cambridge is located in the northern part of London. It is easily accessible by train or car. The university offers a varied list of under graduate and post graduate courses including, engineering, linguistics, anthropology, mathematics, natural sciences, medicine and many more. Of all uk top universities, the University of Cambridge has more than 85 Nobel Prize winners.
  • University of Oxford – This is the oldest of uk top universities. Instituted well before 1096, the University of Oxford has a long list of royalty and world leaders. These include 6 Kings, at least 20 Canterbury Archbishops and 12 Saints. The university has also produced a number of British Prime Ministers as well as 26 Nobel Prize winners and 30 world leaders. The university is situated in the northwest part of London and offers courses such as Law, Medicine, African Studies and Oriental Studies, among others. This is one of the most-admired uk top universities.
  • Imperial College London – The third of uk top universities recently became autonomous from the University of London. Imperial College London has been around for more than 100 years. It is notable for its creation of fiber optics, invention of penicillin and advancement of holography. The courses offered in one of the uk top universities include aeronautical engineering, geology, computing and civil engineering.
  • London School of Economics and Political Science – In this top uk university, you can expect to find courses such as accounting and finance, economics and social policy. Started in 1895, this university has had over 30 international leaders and 16 economics, literature and peace Nobel Prize winners.
  • Durham University – Halfway through the list of uk top universities is Durham University that was started in 1832. It offers courses such as computer science, philosophy and modern languages.


  • University of St. Andrews – Established in 1413, it is one of the oldest uk top universities in Scotland. The university is actually built into the town thus it has no specific campus.
  • University College London – It is the third oldest of all uk top universities in London. It was founded in 1826, notable for being the first university to accept women’s equality and welcome students of any race.
  • The University of Warwick – Situated in the city of Coventry, the University of Warwick is ranked 7th in uk top universities.
  • Lancaster University – It is currently one of six sophomoric uk top universities in England. Initiated in 1964 you can get to campus via bus, train or by cycling.
  • University of Bath – Last on the list of uk top universities is University of Bath. In 1966, this university received its Royal Charter. It offers courses in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, education and health.

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These are currently the top UK universities this year. Competition among these renowned universities is high and you will find that each year, the list changes.

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