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5 Top Universities in Uk Locations


United Kingdom has one of the best universities in the world providing world class education. Below are the 5 top universities in UK which rank highly not only in UK but all over the world too.

Top Universities in Uk

University of Cambridge

Cambridge is not only known as one of the top universities in UK but all over the world too. This public research university is one of the oldest and largest universities in the world that attracts students and visitors all over the world. Apart being one of the top universities in Uk providing world class education it boasts of great museums and collections that gives insights into the scholarly activities in the history and present of the university. University of Cambridge is said to have won the most Nobel Prizes more than any other institution in the world.

University of Oxford

Ranked as one of the top universities in the UK, University of Oxford is an internationally renowned centre for teaching and research. This word-class university attracts students from across the globe with more than a quarter of its students from the outside of the UK. Its innovativeness and entrepreneurial qualities is another feature that qualifies it as one of the top universities in Uk. It also boats of world renowned museums and collections and it welcomes visits from the public within its walls.

Top Universities in Uk

Imperial college London

This world-class university was established in 1907 and has grown to be considered as one of the top universities in UK. It accommodates students from outside of the European Union who are attractedby its research quality. This is because its one of the top universities in UK that is known for providing high quality scientific, medical and engineering research and teaching with high regard for these disciplines being practically applied in industry, commerce and healthcare. This can be proved by a research that was conducted by an independent body that declared it’s research quality as being world leading and internationally excellent.

University college London (UCL)

It is the third oldest university in the UK that accepts students not only in the United Kingdom but from outside from different backgrounds. For instance over 40% of its students are from countries outside of the United Kingdom. This Is considered to be one of the top universities in UK and it is located in the heart of London. It has some of the world’s most important collections which include a library and museums that attracts visitors form all over the world. University College London also incorporates up-to-date research and developments in its curriculum.

Top Universities in Uk

University of Edinburg

University of Edinburg is one of the top universities in Uk and is located in Scotland which has excellent road, air and rail transport which makes it accessible from major cities in Uk and beyond. As one of the top universities in Uk recognized all over the world for its international standard research. This university encourages students from a wide range of background to apply by putting up minimum entry grade. Their high quality teaching and research are up-to-date and leading internationally.

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