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5 Top Colleges Universities Online


Due to one reason or another some people are not able to attend University regularly. Thanks to online universities people can now pursue their dreams of higher education from the comfort of their homes or office. So people with daily obligations such as stay at home mums or those in formal employment can now fit education in their schedule in a way that is convenient for them. Below are some of the highest ranking top colleges & universities online.

Top Colleges Universities Online

Capella University

Capella University is strictly an online university with 15 years of service since its inception. It mostly specializes in undergraduate programs although it has quite a number of degree programs at every level. It is credited as one of the top colleges & Universities online since it not only serves the United States but has a multicultural student body whereby most of them hailing from over 59 countries. This helps the students to interact with people from other pats of the world whom they would have otherwise not come into contact with.

Kaplan University

This university was established in 1937 and has grown to be one of the top colleges & universities online offering degree program in various disciplines. It is known for its web based “field trips and interactive programs that allows their students to interact with people from other parts o the world. It is one of the top colleges & Universities online that has an immense resource library and knowledgeable staff. Kaplan University is always evaluating the job market to make sure its curriculum is designed in such a way that match the market and their students are relevant enough to impact the world they live in.

Top Colleges Universities Online

University of Phoenix

This correspondence college was established in 1976 and has grown to ranked as one of the top colleges& Universities online. University of Phoenix is a modern university equipped with an eBook library and a presence on most social networks. It was created in a flexible way to cater for the working adults and other non traditional students whose schedule cannot allow them to attend the classes regularly. Phoenix University is a pioneer in online education as it allows students to log on at a time that’s convenient for them as opposed to other online colleges that stress on logging on at certain times of the day.

Everest University

Everest University is one of the top colleges & universities online with a wide variety of degree programs from which to choose from. Its curriculum is flexible enough to allow non traditional students to do their assignments, homework and lectures at a convenient time without them having to sacrifice their responsibilities.

Top Colleges Universities Online

Grand Canyons University

This is one of the top colleges & universities online that offers a variety of degree programs at every level. Their commitment to providing quality distance learning programs with an open admission policy is among the things that have seen it grow to be ranked as one of the top colleges & Universities online. Grand Canyon is a private Christian University dedicated to helping students achieving their professional goals.

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