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the Best Universities Missouri Has To Offer For Conducting Scientific Research


When we talk about universities Missouri has provide diverse options. There are a number of good universities and institutes are available in Missouri which have wide range of courses. Based on their past records, academic excellence and reputation following are the few top universities Missouri you can find.

  • Washington University St. Louis

This is a private research university and one of the most prestigious education institutes of Missouri. Washington University provides facilities of scientific research. Due to their excellent research facilities they become members of Association American Universities. They have also the residential hostel facility for students. Washington University at St. Louis is best in all universities Missouri established.


  • Missouri University of Science and Technology

This university is located in Rolla, Missouri. This is a public sector university, which mostly offers courses related to science and technology. They have excellent student to teacher ratio of 16 to 1. This is one of the good universities Missouri where you can find the scientific research facilities.

  • University of Missouri

This is one of the best educational institutes available in Missouri. University of Missouri is a public sector university which provides research facilities in the field of science and liberal arts. This university is also known as MU and Mizzou. This is the largest university of Missouri state. MU is a member of Association of American Universities. University of Missouri considered as batter quality institute among the universities Missouri offers.


  • Truman State University

Truman state university is an old institution which established in 1867. Initially it has a different name but after changing too many names finally in 1996 it is named as Truman State Universities. When it comes to universities Missouri has many well known names but Truman state university has its own recognition. This quality educational institute situated in a small town named Kirksville in Missouri.

  • Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University is one of the oldest institutes in the state, which offers scientific research facility for the students and considered as second oldest Jesuit University in Unites States. It was established in 1818 and it is situated in Saint Louis. The quality of education and research remains consistent in this prestigious institute of Unites States as it constantly hitting the list of best universities Missouri as well as the country. Student teacher ratio is 13 to 1 and average size of a class is 23 which is excellent by any standards.


Maryville University

This is a private university which is situated in a small town which is 22 miles away from St. Louis. This university was founded in 1872. Initially it was a catholic institute for females but nowadays it becomes a coeducational university. They have excellent research and educational facilities which makes them distinct among other respected universities Missouri has.Above we discussed few of the prestigious universities Missouri famous for. There are many more quality institutes and universities you can find in Missouri state which provides the facility of scientific research and providing tones of knowledge among the students of state and outside state. There are many foreign students are also studying in these universities.

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