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Universities in England With Doctorate Programs


A doctorate degree is highest level of education in any field. When we think about Doctor of philosophy which is commonly known as PhD than England universities are few of the best places to get this prestigious level of achievement. In England universities normally it takes minimum of three years to complete your doctorate. Before applying for admission in a PhD program it is important that you should select an area of research and a proposal of research in that particular field must be attached with the application form. In some England universities you first have to complete a two years program which is called M. Phil after successful completion of M. Phil you will be transferred for Doctorate program.When you select any of England universities for your Doctorate program than you requires few documents such as Academic qualifications certificates, work experience, proof of English Language proficiency test, Curriculum Vitae, Ph. D. proposal, two letters of references, bank statement and photocopy of your valid passport. Following are the few England universities which are considered to be the best in world for Doctorate programs.


  • University of Cambridge

Cambridge is a distinct England university which provides research facilities of Doctorate students in a variety of subjects. Cambridge has maintains the standard of education over the years and this university is widely respected all over the world. The basic purpose of doctorate program is to analyze the quality of research material of the student.

  • University of Oxford

Oxford is recognized all over the world for its academic brilliance. Oxford has also offers Doctorate programs in various subjects such as social sciences, medical sciences, humanities and many more. Oxford ranked first among England Universities.

  • University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh is one of the top universities of the world that offer Doctorate degree in subjects such as Economics, Accounting, Management and sociology. Over the years they have established the quality of education and research and successfully maintain the standards of their Doctorate degree among good England Universities.


  • University College London (UCL)

This is another prestigious and world recognized institute which has a distinct position among England universities. They offer Doctorate degree in a number of subjects like Biomedical Sciences, Law, Life Sciences and Historical Sciences. UCL provides excellent research facilities and professional guidance to their students in order to complete their Doctorate of Philosophy degree.


  • Financial Aid to the Deserving Students

These aids are in the shape of tax free scholarships through European social fund and research councils. These scholarships comprised around 1300 pounds along with tuition fee per year. For those students who are doing Ph. D. in science related subjects receives higher stipends. Government based research council offers this aid specifically for UK citizens or those who are staying more than three years.Students from all over the world come to England to complete their Ph. D. degree programs from England universities in their related field of research. However it is advised that select the university, for your doctorate degree as per specific need of your subject and the field of research

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