5 Best Alabama Universities
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5 Best Alabama Universities

Published at 02/25/2012 20:45:29


5 Best Alabama Universities

Alabama, state of America have a strong educational culture history. In Alabama, there are 14 public undergrad schools and graduate universities whereas, universities Alabama includes, 17 private undergrad and graduate colleges. According to US News and World Report-2011, University of Alabama, Auburn University and University of Alabama at Birmingham of Universities Alabama are ranked among top 100 public schools in America.

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According to 2012-Universities Alabama state ranking, following top 5 universities in Alabama are:


Auburn university was founded in 1856 and recorded as the first coeducational system of universities Alabama. It was named Auburn University officially in 1960 on the basis of its size, location and mission. Auburn University is among the only 13 American institutes that offers land, sea and space grants. It offers 140 degree programs in arts, engineering and business. More than 250,000 students at undergrad, graduate and professional levels are enrolled in schools and colleges of Auburn and benefitting themself truly from Auburn educational services.

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University of Alabama was founded in 1831 and is the first public college of universities Alabama. It is referred as “Capstone” by the university students, which is the nick name for the University of Alabama. This name was given by the G.H. Denny (former President of University of Alabama), meaning, “top stone” or “high point’. University of Alabama is offering more than 200 fields of study at undergrad, graduate and doctorate level. It is a student-centered research institute currently enrolling 30,000 to 35,000 numbers of students. With the best staff members, university encourages students to think out of the box and contribute positively to the society.

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University of Alabama at Birmingham came into being in 1936. It is amongst the most renowned and largest research institute of universities Alabama. It is currently offering 140 degree programs that include arts, engineering, medical sciences, education studies, business studies, public health sciences and many more. Among all, natural sciences and medical research centers are the popular departments. University of Alabama at Birmingham is among those universities Alabama that is currently enrolling and enriching more than 15,000 students with excellent education and opportunities to prosper and excel.


5 Best Alabama Universities

Among Universities Alabama ranking, University of Alabama in Huntsville is ranked 4. It was established in 1950 as a part of University of Alabama but in 1969, it was devised as an autonomous body within University of Alabama System. According to the latest figure, they have enrolled almost 7500 students. Through its five groups of colleges i.e. business, arts, engineering, nursing and science, university is offering 67 degree programs at graduate, undergrad and doctorate level. Future students have to pass ACT with a merit score of 25 to get admission in UAH.


University of South Alabama is amongst the fastest growing educational institute in Alabama. In very less time it has marked a prominent position in Universities Alabama ranking. University is offering bachelor and Master degree programs in various programs such as business, education, engineering, medical health sciences etc. Currently 15,000 students are enrolled, who are enjoying facilities and opportunities provided by university to contribute effectively in society’s well-being.