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The uk universities top of UK are globally recognized due to their set high standards, UK universities top has over 170 uk universities top and colleges which during October 2010 acquired 19 out of top 100 uk universities top around the world. During the past couple of years securing an admission in uk universities top has become a lot harder compared to the last years, as number of applicants are gradually rising but the university can’t accommodate every student. And applying for admission in top UK university has become easier due to the services offered by UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service), although they maintain strict rules in applying and processes but they help out the right students securing admission in the top UK universities.


Their process is really simple, they charge £11 to apply for one course and £22 per student to apply for two or more courses. They’ve a set deadline of October of the previous year when you plan on taking admission, like for example if you’re planning to take admission in the march 2013 then the deadline to apply would be 15 October 2012 for the top universities of UK and for normal universities it’d be mid Jan 2013. Even though UCAS is flexible in their admission dates but it is advisable that you apply under the deadline. Applying through UCAS means that you’ve to submit your personal information such as qualification, employment details, and statement and usually a reference as well (which can include the expected grades if the applicant is studying something).


And then all you’ve to do is waiting for the results, generally if the student is qualified and as per the requirements of the top universities of UK then they’re accepted easily, but if one’s not then the program at UCAS allows students to go for other universities which are pretty good at the subjects chosen by the students. The replies usually come by mid-march although UCAS have alternates in case the student fails to score a place in his desired universities, and some universities after they’ve assessed a student ask for an interview before they can offer you a place so the student should make sure that if their desired university has this application they can either be in the UK, or the university can arrange an interview over the phone or they have a representative present in the student’s home country.


Once all of this is done then the student is told weather he got his admission in his desired university and if they don’t get the desired place in their university then UCAS clearing offers places for students at universities where there is space available, sometimes even the universities publicize their space for students who couldn’t get into their desired universities. The clearing system is quiet advanced and simple and make sure that none of the deserving student is left behind. And this is done by a simple tariff comprised of points which UCAS have, for every degree and every certificate there are certain points allocated by UCAS and each university has some points to meet before applying for them and the top universities have higher points so make sure you meet all of them before trying to apply.

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