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In recent years, Australia has emerged as one of the best countries in the world to pursue higher education in. Students from all over the world have now started to prefer Australia for their higher education due to the progression in the level of education that has been observed in Australian universities in past few years.


University of Adelaide
The sector of higher education in Australia is composed of universities as old as the University of Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Tasmania and Queens land which were formed in the late nineteenth century and early 20th century and universities as young as the University of Sunshine Coast which was accredited in 1999. Majority of the universities in Australia were either accredited in the mid of nineteenth century or at the end of it because of which most of the Australian universities got an international acknowledgement and an increase in the rankings in the previous decade. In past the university of Melbourne and Sydney were the only internationally acclaimed universities, but today many of the Australian universities are ranked amongst the best in the world.


At present Australia has 42 universities with 38 out these are public universities while only four are private. These universities are: the University of Notre Dame, Bond University, Cranfield University and Carnegie Mellon University. Of these four the latter two are foreign universities from UK and USA respectively and have campuses in the city of Adelaide. The rest 38 public universities are spread in the entire eight states of the country. Popular Australian universities that are acclaimed internationally are The University of Adelaide, Griffith University, Swinburne University of Technology Melbourne, Queensland University of Technology – Brisbane, Edith Cowan University Perth, University of Technology-Sydney and of course the great University of Melbourne. These universities offer various programs with some being excellent in while some being good in all. All these universities cater international students and have a great population of students of different cultures from all over the world. Universities such as Edith Cowan University are famous for offering interesting course contents and activities because of which the university and gained a massive popularity. The Griffith University is at the moment one of the favorite Australian universities, both of national and international students. The University consists of 2500 teaching staff which aims to make the process of learning such a joy and pleasure. University of Adelaide is still one of the highest ranking universities of Australia with being one of the oldest and most well established universities of the country. Some other famous Australian universities are: University of Monash, University of Canberra, The University of Southern Queensland and Southern Cross University Lismore.

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If you are a student intending to pursue your higher education abroad then you should always keep Australia in your list of choices. Rather it should be your first choice. Not only Australia is a peaceful and clean country to live in, it has a lot of career opportunities for international students as compared to other countries. Also the Australian universities are unique in their teaching style and course content which makes education much more interesting and pleasurable.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/23/2012
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