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Top 4 Medical Universities in the United States


The issue of health care in the United States has been one of the most discussed topics not only in the political arena, but practically in all areas of their society. Acquiring the best treatment to various medical conditions is basically among the people’s highest priority. That is why for individuals who are contemplating to take up medical courses, finding the medical universities in the place which could give them the best education they need in medicine is a must. Here are the top 4 medical universities in the United States.

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Medical Universities in Harvard University

The Harvard Medical School is at the forefront when it comes to excellence in medical education offered. All other medical schools look to Harvard as a basis for their standard and quality in the field of medicine. This university is currently number one in the specialization of internal medicine. It also ranks number one in women’s health which includes obstetrics and gynecology as well as maternal- fetal medicine. Other specializations which this school has expertise with are in the field of pediatrics, AIDS treatment, drug and alcohol abuse and geriatrics.

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Medical Universities in University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania boasts of having the first ever medical school as well as the first school hospital in the United States. Being the pioneer in the establishing of medical schools in the country, this university has produced renowned men in this field. Two of the most distinguished are Michael Stuart Brown and Stanley Prusiner. Both men are Nobel prize winners. Another prominent person who came from this school is George Mclellan. He is the founder of Thomas Jefferson University. This university currently ranks number one in the field of pediatrics and second best in doing medical research.

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Medical Universities in Johns Hopkins University

The strong suit of this university is skills advancement and simulation through immersing their students in simultaneous, clinical experiences in different communities. It’s safe to say that this school gives a great deal in the area of community service and skills acquired through actual practices. Another field in which this university is known for is in the area of medical research. They run some of the country’s leading research centers such as the Brain Science Institute and the Institute of Genetic Medicine. This school is currently tied at number one with Harvard University in terms of specializing in Internal medicine and is ranked number two in the treatment of AIDS, Drug and alcohol abuse and geriatrics.

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Medical Universities in Washington University in St. Louis

In this university, students are offered different alternatives for their preferred interest in their medical education. As early as their first year in school, various electives are made available to students. This school also has highly ranked hospitals such as St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Barnes-Jewish Hospital where the students can do hands-on training with hospital patients. Aside from this, students are given the opportunity to join significant research activities which can benefit their knowledge and training although this activity is not particularly a school requirement. In many ways, this university tends to focus on the interest of students while not sacrificing the quality of their education program. This university specializes in the field of pediatrics and internal medicine.


So these are the top four medical universities in the country. While these medical universities in the place may be a sure pick when selecting the best for your education, other factors still need to be considered.

The financial aspect is one thing that should be regarded. Of the four medical universities in the US, Washington University has the most expensive tuition fee with $48,800. Harvard University ranks second with $45,050. University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University cost $43,960 and $41,200 respectively.

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The top four medical universities in the United States are indeed the most excellent choices for you to have the best education in field of medicine. Any of the four is sure to give you the kind of learning that you need in order to achieve the optimum level of success in this profession. But then again, all the other factors which are stated above must be carefully thought of as well so that you can make the right decision in choosing the best school which perfectly suits you.

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