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Advantages To Attending Christian Universities

Published at 03/05/2012 22:54:29


Choosing the right university to attend is always an essential factor in the molding of an individual’s future. College is usually the last stage in the formal educational journey of a person. This is where most people finally figure out what they really want to do and be in life. In the United States, Christian universities are one of the fastest growing sectors in post-secondary education. Many people prefer to enroll their students in Christian universities instead of secular universities. So what are the advantages to attending Christian universities? Here are some.


The most relevant of the advantages to attending Christian universities is the teaching of biblical worldviews. Through this view, students are taught the very significance of God in all aspects of life. They will see the handprint of God and His truth in the field of math, history, all the sciences and all fields of discipline. This will show the students the connection of God in everything that is being taught under the sun.


One of the most basic advantages to attending Christian universities is the establishing of close relationships. Relationships are very significant to any educational experience. To students who are studying far from home, having people to confide with and relate with is very important. Christian schools are generally equipped in making sure that their students practice positive relationships. One contributing factor why Christian schools have such close relationships among its students is the school’s size or population. Compared to state universities, Christian school populations are way smaller and manageable. This allows faculties and other student leaders to follow up and watch over students who need encouragement.

Next in the advantages to attending Christian universities is in terms of bachelor’s degrees offered. Christian universities offer the same associate’s, bachelors, doctorate degrees that other state universities are offering. However, Christian colleges have what’s called “articulation agreement” with other nearby universities which means that other universities will agree to recognize the college’s courses as credit towards a university degree. In case a student from a Christian college will decide to transfer to a public university, he/she may be able to carry over the credits he’s/she’s already earned.

Another one of the advantages of Christian Universities is that they have community services, outreach activities, internships or studies abroad which are required school components of their programs. Non-Christian universities and colleges do not offer this kind of programs in their schools. This gives students from Christian schools the chance to travel both domestically and overseas and experience mission works which gives them the opportunity to discover and develop the spiritual as well as intellectual aspect of their lives through non-traditional way of learning.

Tips and comments

Many people are seeing the advantages to attending Christian universities. With our society going in a constant downward spiral in matters regarding morality and faith in God, it’s only fitting that the people begin to realize their need of a positive change and ultimately, their need of God. Attending Christian universities will help foster correct faith and righteous beliefs for our next generation.


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