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The top music universities and colleges in the country offer undergraduate and graduate programs for music enthusiasts and lovers from around the world.

Some of the best music universities and colleges are located in different parts of the country and offer high quality programs that equip the students in performing various instruments, voice, composition, direction, and music instruction.

Harvard University is one of the top ranked music universities and colleges and offers the best music degrees in the country. It offers bachelor's degree in music, and master's degree in performance practice and also a Ph. D in various fields of music like ethnomusicology, composition and music theory. The music department of this university has the famous John Knowles Paine concert hall as well as the Harvard studio for electro acoustic composition.

Yet another Ivy League school for music is Princeton University and this too offers undergraduate and graduate programs. More importance is given to writing music at the undergraduate level. A student can get certification in musical performance and jazz studies programs. Apart from performers-in residence programs a music student can get his doctorate programs in composition.

The Berklee College of Music founded in 1945 is a highly respected music specialty school. It has the strength of 4,100 students, who come from different parts of the country and the world. The music university offers 12 majors. These majors by one of the best music universities and colleges are offered as 4 year bachelor's degrees or as diplomas. These are in performance, electronic production and design, composition, contemporary writing and production, film scoring, music business and management, jazz composition, music education, music therapy, music production and engineering, and in professional music and songwriting. In conjunction with Suffolk University it offers a Master of Business Administration program (MBA) in music business and management program.

Yet another popular music universities and colleges is Cornell University that has the Cornell Gamelan ensemble. Duke University offers nine unique ensembles. The University of Notre Dame has the Interdisciplinary Master of Sacred Music program. The University of California-Berkley has the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies, University of Chicago's department of music conducts Perception and Understanding of Music workshops and Vanderbilt University has adult program in music.

Every state has top class music universities and colleges and highly sought after programs. The faculty, the teaching staff and every person related to imparting musical and management know-how are highly experienced and skilled and the whole atmosphere and every course and lesson formulated and structured help the students gain maximum knowledge and be the best in their chosen field of music.

The music universities and colleges' websites give comprehensive information and details about the place, the course, programs, the various activities and events and just about everything one would like to know before enrolling.


Many of these music universities and colleges also offer online courses and certificate programs in a wide range of subjects that include songwriting, music production, music theory, arranging, and music business.

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