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History Of Lebanon Universities

Published at 02/24/2012 18:12:11


Lebanon is a country in the Middle East near the Mediterranean. It is bordered by Israel to the south and Syria in the north. Lebanon has a rich history of cultural and religious heritage. It is also a center of trade and commerce. The country's national language is Arabic while French is used under certain circumstances.

The Lebanese government has always focused on developing the educational infrastructure in the country for its development and prosperity. There are more than forty one Lebanon universities. Seven of these Lebanon universities have international recognition. Students who have graduated from high school are encouraged to join higher studies, but due to low employment rates during recession, many of the students are traveling abroad for job opportunities.

The American University of Beirut was established in the year 1866, and it is one of the oldest and highest ranked university in the Middle East. It was started using funds sanctioned by American missionaries in Lebanon. The American University of Beirut was accredited by various international bodies making it the premier educational center in Lebanon. While all the forty Lebanon Universities are privately managed, Lebanese University is the only public institution in the whole country. The University started in the year 1951 has over 17 departments. The University was established with a purpose of safeguarding the educational purists of the minority and poor. The Lebanese university announced its goal as, "Eradicating world hunger, protecting minorities, creating jobs and better living through quality education."

The university arranges various sports activities and field trips for its students. Lebanese University has a student exchange program. This program allows student exchange within other Lebanon Universities and from International Universities of other countries. There is a library in each branch of every department. Apprentice training is offered to eligible students to various private and public sector companies. Special scholarships for minority students and college toppers are provided to continue their studies abroad. Certificates are awarded to graduates in grand graduation ceremonies.

All Lebanon universities have a large number of departments, which offer a wide variety of courses and degrees. The main courses offered in Lebanon universities are Literature and Human Sciences, Law, Political, Administrative Sciences, Social Sciences, Fine Arts, Pedagogy (replacing the High Teachers Institution), Journalism and Documentation, Business Administration, Economical Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture, Public Health, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Tourism and Hotel Management, and Applied and Economical Sciences.

The admission process is very simple. At English-based universities students enter college at freshman Level. For students of other states and languages an admission test has been made mandatory by Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education for intake into Lebanon Universities. Lebanon is ranked 88th in the world on the basis of literacy by UN.


For local and international students looking for a quality education at a reasonable price, Lebanon universities are some of the finest in the world. Political unrest in recent years has slightly damaged the reputation of the country and its universities. Post U.N. intervention in 2010, the country has stabilized its politics and economy very well, making Lebanon one of the prime locations for higher education in the Middle East.