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Tips on Being Accepted Into India Universities

Published at 02/27/2012 05:41:43


India is a recognized source of higher education and is regarded as one of the best places to go for foreign leaning.  India universities are well renowned for producing fine minds Rudyard Kipling, Rabindranath Tagore, and Mother Teresa. Who wouldn’t want to visit India either, it is one of the most beautiful places on earth, full of exciting people, fabulous architecture, and delicious food.


What is the purpose of going to India universities when there are already good universities where I live? Good question. For some people who want a rigorous post-secondary education, big Ivy League schools in the United States are too expensive to be an option; however, universities in India are often much less expensive and offer just about the same education as some of the best schools in the United States. For others it is to get away from everyone they know and just explore who they really are and to experience what a different culture is like. Regardless of the reason India universities offer everyone a unique, remember able experience and an education to last a life time.


Some things that you must have accomplished in order to be accepted into India universities are 12 years of previous schooling, and a decent grade in all of the classes you have taken, obviously. You must submit your application to attend India universities well in advance because they get so many of them. The school year in India starts around July / August so be sure to send an application by March at the latest.

Tips and comments

Tip one; turn your application in early. This is by far the most important thing to do if you are wanting to even be considered for admission into India universities. To India universities submitting earlier than everyone else is a sign that you are excited and really want to attend their school.
Tip two; check the neighborhood surroundings. Make sure you check the surrounding area and make sure that it has everything that you will need to be confortable while you are attending India universities. Check to make sure that the it is in a good city with low crime rates, make sure that it is not in the middle of somewhere without any touch to the outside world. And most importantly, make sure that you get cell phone reception there, that way if you get into trouble you can call someone that will help you out.
Tip three; have a good track record. This one speaks for itself. Do well in school make sure you have some academic extracurricular activities, the usual. However, make sure that you have a couple of classes on foreign language this shows them that you planned on going outside of the country at some point
So as you can see, India universities are always open to having a foreign exchange student. The possibilities while in India are endless, the education, culture, and people are all friendly. All of the universities are good at, at least one thing and there is always a university willing to accept a foreign exchange student.