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How To Find a List Of the Top 10 Australia Universities

Published at 02/27/2012 02:16:20


Australia is a beautiful place. It is full of open fields, amazing landscape, and astounding architecture. Most people remember Australia for its outdoors and landscape. However, not only is it a beautiful place, but it is also home to one of the greatest education systems in the world. Almost half a million international students are enrolled in Australia, making it the third most popular education destination for English speakers in the world.

Step 1

Of all the people that go to Australia the majority of them are enrolling in Australia universities. So if there are that many people going to Australia universities what difference does it make if I apply I probably will not be accepted, I’m just an average student, noting special. Australia universities are welcome to all kinds of students from genius to average Joe.

Step 2

What are the benefits of going to Australia universities? Australia universities have some of the top schools in the entire world. Their universities have a more world-like view on education so that you are learning things that will be applicable to all types of jobs all around the world not just Australia specific jobs. Furthermore, Australia universities have discovered many breakthrough things in a wide array of fields. And with six, Nobel Prizes, you are sure to get your money’s worth.

Step 3

Finding the right college is very easy for Australia and there are many organizations to help you out with finding the exact Australia university to go to. Australia has some of the most organized schools in the world, which makes finding the right one for you a ‘piece of cake’’; however, you might need help, with all the Australia universities, it might take too long to go through all of them and find the right one.

Step 4

There are many ways to apply to Australia universities but by far the best are Taylors Auckland Foundation Year (TAFY); The University of Sydney Foundation Program (USFP); The University of Western Australia Foundation Program (UWAFP). 

Step 5

These entry organizations are great at getting you into the Australia University of your Dreams; each has their strengths and most have over an 80 % acceptance rate with 100% getting a tertiary job after graduation. This is truly the way to go when trying to get accepted into an Australia university.


Some of the things to look for when trying to choose an Australia university are the surroundings, which will help you find your way around, and if international students are accepted. A fourth of the total student population is international so you rarely going to be turned away because you are an international student. There are many families that participate in providing a place to live for international students. Furthermore, just double-check to make sure that you are in a nice neighborhood and that everything you might need are within a reasonable distance.

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So, as you can see a student life in Australia universities is some of the best ways to live in the world, with some of the best education there is no doubt that you will be well prepared for anything that comes your way.