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How To Find Best Universities Online

Published at 03/13/2012 14:26:58


University education is a very important acquisition particularly in these very competitive times. Your chances at employment are increased when you have university education. In the times past, people had difficulty in accessing or affording university education but things are vastly different today. You can learn online anywhere and in your own free time as long as you have internet access. Endless trips to the university campus are eliminated thereby reducing your tuition costs. However, there is one challenge and that is finding the best universities online. This is because there are so many of them and separating the genuine from the fake becomes a humongous task.









Step 1

The good news is that finding the best universities online doesn't have to be difficult. There are easy and effective ways to go about the whole task.

Accreditation. Choose an online university that has been accredited by an independent and reputable accrediting organisation. For example, the education department should have a database of accredited universities or accrediting agencies that can be accessed online or offline. This is an effective way of finding the best universities online for you to pick your choice.

Step 2

University rankings. Academic institutions are usually ranked based on their performance. Different institutions and countries use different ranking criteria. Best universities online will be those that have the best ranking positions. University ranking lists can be accessed online from recognised ranking educational institutions.

Step 3

Word of mouth recommendations. Current and former students as well as other academic personnel‘s recommendations is another of getting to know which are the best universities online. Good universities are usually known and people are always ready to share such positive information.

Step 4

Online Universities survey. A mini survey can be carried out to find out people’s views on certain universities online. You can do this survey online or you could carry out face-to-face interviews with current and past online university students and other university personnel. The collected data will provide information on best universities online.

Step 5

Universities Reviews. Education reviews is accessible by visiting reliable education websites and forums. You can narrow these reviews to those that focus on online universities. These review resources can provide useful information about best universities online.

Step 6

Employer opinion. Another way to find best universities online is by talking to employers to see how they grade graduands from certain online universities based on their overall performance at the work place. At the same time, employers always strive to hire only the best employees and so they are likely to have information on universities that churn out the best workforce.

You can use all or most of these pointers to find best universities online.



  1. ‘What you put in will determine what you get out.’ this phrase is comparable to university personnel. You can gauge the status of a given online university by checking out the profiles of its staff members. The more qualified they are, the better the deliverables. Universities that that are worth their salt will avail profiles of their staff members on their websites because they are aware this is one way potential students determine best universities online.
  2. If you do not have time to search for a good university, there are research agencies that are able do the searching for you for a fee. Use reputable research agencies whose information and recommendations you can rely on.



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