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Wisconsin is a state located in the central north of America, tilted towards the Eastern side of the country. It is a state that has a history for giving education a serious importance and place in their society. Elementary, middle and high school education are all mandatory by law in this state. Wisconsin universities and colleges have significance in the history of America as well and they have been around for a long time. Some Wisconsin universities and colleges are as old as the state itself and so it is no surprise that the state places so much importance on education. Spending on education has never proven to be an issue and has always produced positive results.


Following the American Civil War, Wisconsin was among those in the state university movement and it pioneered the “Wisconsin Idea” which gave the government the sense to work for the people. The “Wisconsin Idea” was soon implemented in almost every state. Wisconsin universities and colleges thus are extremely reputable and now just as popular. In the public sector, Wisconsin universities and colleges include the University of Wisconsin System which has 25 campuses, Wisconsin Technical College System which has 16 campuses. In the private sector, popular names are The Milwaukee School of Engineering, Carroll University, Edgewood College, and Concordia University Wisconsin (which is part of a ten University group of Universities by the same name but in different States), Medical College of Wisconsin, Lawrence University, Cardinal Stritch University among many others.


So by now it is pretty clear that Wisconsin universities and colleges are indeed top notch, but the question still remains as to which one to choose. All are great, but great can only do so much if chosen for the wrong reason. For example if you enroll yourself into a University whose business school is great but opt for the Arts or Science degrees in it, you clearly made a huge error as it would have been better and wiser to have chosen a university whose science or arts program is better rated, if that is what you want to do. So it is important to know what you want to pursue as that is what you will be ending up doing for the rest of your life, making a choice you should really think long and hard about. Next, once you have decided what program you want to go for, you need to research which of the many Wisconsin universities and colleges you wish to go to or better yet, which ones suit your requirements in terms of fee structures, location and overall faculty. That being decided, you are more or less ready to get yourself enrolled.

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Choosing the place you want to receive your undergraduate, graduate or post graduate education is a very key decision in a student's life. It is one that requires years of thought and hard work to get right. But no matter what the aim is, it is indeed safe to say when it comes to education, the state of Wisconsin has set the bar very high for the rest of the United States and so it is indeed a great option to think of when deciding where to attend university or college.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/26/2012
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