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Published at 02/28/2012 01:14:41


Professionals with a degree in finance from reputed universities are in huge demand. Finance is one sector in which even during economic slump work is still available in abundance. Finance is many diversified fields and has a very huge pool of opportunity for students. Finding good universities in finance is the first step toward a bright carrier in this field. Most people after graduation join a company which provides financial advice or consultancy for their customers. Companies which provide services like marketing, asset management, investment banking, capital accounts, instruments, stock exchange, brokerage, etc. are always in need of experts in finance. Before applying for any course, it’s best to know about the universities in finance around your locality and their reputation. If a good university is not available, its best to look at other options as there is no point in studying in a university with a poor track record. Most employers look for students with a degree from top universities. This will ensure that you get a job right after your graduation.


Choosing the right University

Listing the possible universities is the first step. The world’s top ten universities in finance are in US and the United Kingdom. Harvard University and University of Oxford are ranked first in the world by many experts followed by MIT and University of Cambridge. They all have the best track record, facilities and faculty that are unmatched by other institutions in the world. There is one thing in common about all the top universities in finance, and it’s their admission process. Unlike most universities which give importance only to your grades Harvard and Oxford look into all aspects of the applicant. The admission process is very tedious and time consuming. Unless planned well in advance being eligible for these universities is very difficult. Continuous record of excellence in both academic and co-curricular activities is required. The course work is very heavy requiring constant learning of new skills, and the faculties of these universities are the most experienced in the world of finance.


The syllabus and teaching methodologies are different from other universities as well. The course is usually centered on case studies and use real-world problems to teach the methodologies of finance. Further, these universities have one of the best placement programs in the whole industry. The average annual salary of graduates from these universities is $80,000 without taking into account incentives and performance bonuses. Furthermore, the admission into the best universities in finance doesn’t come cheap the tuition fee alone can be over $70,000 per semester. Though various financial aid and endowments are awarded each year still the overall costs of the courses are pretty high.

Tips and comments

For people aspiring to a career full of challenges and hefty rewards, finance is the best option. Even though the cost of studying in a reputed university is high, students are still advised to join them. They are a one-way ticket to a better lifestyle, recognition and carrier in finance. If you are a person who can work hard, and think smart, a degree in finance will open a world of wonderful possibilities for you.