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Published at 03/01/2012 00:44:22


Whether it is a resident of Pakistan, a non-resident Pakistani, or a student of another country, those  pursuing education at colleges and universities in Pakistan can gather all the information they want on the Internet. There are numerous online sites that give a list of the best universities in Pakistan.

All the top cities of Pakistan - Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, and Islamabad - are equipped with top class universities that offer various full-fledged courses.

There are sites that provide rankings for these universities. A click on the link of the college or university will enable you to access the websites of these colleges. The best universities in Pakistan offer degree and master's course in a range of subjects. These include business management, social sciences, medicine, language, religion, cultural science, science and technology, engineering in various disciplines like bio engineering, aerospace engineering, civil engineering, marine engineering, genetic engineering and much more.

Doctorate degrees in a multitude of subject are on offer at these universities. There are certificate and diploma courses with a duration period of 2 years. Associate degree courses in various subjects are also for 2 years. Bachelor's degree course vary from 3 to 5 years. To handle the needs of technically advanced manpower in the country, in recent years, universities in Pakistan have started imparting education in selective fields.

Admission to universities in Pakistan is based on merit. Entrance tests are conducted for selected students. Both men and women are given equal opportunity to pursue higher education. A minimum 60 percent in higher secondary school examination or in an equivalent exam is a must for admission for undergraduate courses.

The admission procedures are easy and all efforts are made to provide quality education to both - students from within the country as well as students from abroad. The best universities in Pakistan have the necessary accreditation and recognition from the concerned education departments.

The faculty lecturers and professors are highly qualified and suitably trained to impart the best knowledge in their chosen subject. Every step is taken to promote the image of the country and to provide the best education so as to enable the students qualify for suitable jobs anywhere in the world.

The best educational facilities and amenities and the best sports, entertainment and recreational facilities are provided. The hostels and housing facilities are the best and all efforts are made to make the students feel at home. The best universities in Pakistan offer exchange programs and opportunities to study abroad. They also offer financial aid and scholarships.

The fees for resident students and non-resident Pakistani students vary. The website of these universities will give you all information you are looking for andndash. all queries regarding the kinds of courses they have on offer, the cost of each course, the amenities and facilities they provide can be acquired here.

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The reviews and rating of the universities in Pakistan on online sites are done by reliable people. Browse various websites to know in detail about the university you are interested in.