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Why To Study In Universities Top

Published at 07/06/2011 23:56:30

Education is important. Not only it’ll increase the chances of landing a job in your dream career but it would also teach some life-related lessons while being a student. Moreover, going to a university makes a person well-rounded and prepares you for what lies ahead after the four corners of a classroom. Most of the students dream of going to a top university. They fantasize about setting their foot onto the grounds of Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth College, Princeton, Brown, Columbia and so on and so forth. But the question is: What is the difference between going to a top university and the regular ones? Here are some of the reasons why:

  • High Standards

Before being admitted to any of the top universities, you need to undergo a grueling process of acing the SAT, must be included in different extracurricular activities, achieve high grades in school, ace their interviews and have recommendation letters from faculty members, councilors even the mayor itself! Some school may even require a student to submit a presentation or show them anything significant that the student has done to the school or society before they would look at your application. Their strict requirements allow them to select the best students among the sea of applicants. This in turn would benefit the school because of the abilities and capabilities that the students can bring to the university which will maintain and amp up their reputation.

  • Center for research and development

The majority of the schools are the center of research and development all over the world. Studies are being conducted which are being sponsored by the government and other institution worldwide thus providing a better learning experience for studies. Most of the top university can never be without their state-of-the-art-facilities making them the number one place to get the best education. Furthermore their faculty members have won several awards such as the Nobel prize in the fields of economics, science, literature, and medicine.

  • Increases the chances of getting a job

Because of the achievements and high reputation that the school has, graduates of the top universities have better chances of landing into their dream profession. It’s because of the knowledge, skills and experience they have acquired during their college years that gives them a better edge against other graduates who have attended the not-so-popular school. Employers prefer applicants who went to top universities than those who haven’t though this is not the only determining factor that would get you the job that you want but getting the best education from the finest university is definitely a plus.

  • Meeting different kinds of people

Whatever university you are currently in, going into one allows you to meet different people from all walks of life. This will enable you to establish a good lasting friendship, enable you to build connections and networks that might serve as a big help as soon as you start to face the true “journey of life”.

Tips and comments:

While it is true that getting an education, whether in a regular or a top university will not determine your whole future (some of the most successful people are college kick outs). It would however, increase your chances of having a brighter future ahead of you. Furthermore, attending to a university will help you nourish your whole being more and helps you connect and establish relationships with other people.