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Psychology is a major field of science and all over the world millions of students are specializing in this field. All the major universities in the world offer a higher education degree in the field of psychology. However there are certain universities in psychology field that are leading amongst other universities in the world. The psychology department of these universities has set very high standards of education and methodologies of teaching. Their course work and faculty sets them apart from other universities.


Psychology has been a popular field of study for a long time now. For centuries students all over the world have shown interest in the field of psychology. However in today’s world this field has taken a toll along with other fields of education. In past there were fewer universities in psychology which were considered as excellent but today there are more than hundred such universities all over the world. These universities stand out amongst hundreds of other universities in the world. Apart from education standards and course work, these universities are judged on the basis of the average students score per year. They are also marked on the basis of job opportunities that these universities offer to their students. The methodologies of universities in psychology field are also tested to give them a rank. Psychology is a huge field today it has many sub fields, and the greater the sub field offered by a university, the better the university is.


Currently of all the other universities in psychology area, the Harvard University of USA is considered as the best. As per the ratings of 2011 by various magazines and education groups, the Harvard University is the top university for psychology in the world. The university caters the most brilliant and bright students from not only America but from all over the world. Its academic score is nearly 100%. After Harvard comes the University of Cambridge. It is considered as the Second Best University for Psychology in the world. It is one of the oldest universities in the world specializing in the field of psychology. The Stanford University, another famous university from USA which has excellent department of psychology is considered as the third best. After that comes the University of Oxford. This university from the United Kingdom, just like the University of Cambridge, is one of the oldest universities in psychology in the world. Other universities that are considered as the top universities for psychology are: Yale University, University of California-Berkley, University of Melbourne, Princeton University, Mc Gill University, University of Sydney, University College London, Columbia University and Cornell University.

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All these universities in psychology have set standards for brilliant education in psychology. Their faculty consists of highly qualified and intelligent teachers and professors. The student body in these universities contains brilliant and smart students who have a great intellectual standard. Their merit therefore is very high. In order to get into one of these universities one has to have a really high test scores and must have a brilliant academic history.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/29/2012
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