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5 Historical Facts About Nairobi Universities

Published at 03/01/2012 15:58:45


There are a number of Nairobi universities that anyone seeking to acquire higher education can enroll in while they are in Kenya. These Nairobi universities are part of the Kenyan universities that are charged with providing higher education to both citizens and foreigners in Kenya. Part of the reason why many Nairobi universities have emerged in recent years is due to the expanding demand for education in Kenya. At the same time the liberation of higher education in Kenya which was previously dominated by public universities has contributed a lot to the increasing number of Nairobi universities.


Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya boasting of bustling economy and a high population, consisting of young people who have moved in to the city from the rural areas. Due to the high concentration of students seeking for higher education in the capital city most of the public and private universities have established Nairobi universities as part of their outreach programs to tap in to the city population.

Previously only a handful of Nairobi universities existed in the capital centre, major among them was the University of Nairobi (main campus) located within commuting and walking distance from the city central business district. The university has other colleges within the city which offered various courses on behalf of the university.

As the need for higher education increased more public and private universities opened satellite colleges in Nairobi. At the same time more Nairobi universities opened as result of particular colleges being upgraded in to universities.

Nairobi Universities

Kenyatta University is located about 9.9 miles from the capital city making it one of the Nairobi universities. The university is situated along the Thika highway on 1,100 acres of land. The university was chartered in 1985 initially offering education-related course; however it has since diversified in to other relevant courses. The bulk of the students in the university are based at Kahawa campus with a student body of approximately 32,000.

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology is another of the Nairobi universities  that are close to the city capital . Its located approximately 36 kilometers from the capital city along the Nairobi-thika highway. It mainly offers agriculture, engineering, architectural and building sciences. It’s one of the universities with a strong research interest especially in biotechnology.

Strathmore University was started in 1961 as an sixth form college offering science and arts subjects. It began admitting accountancy students in March 1966 and with time became a university. After merging with Kianda College it moved to Ole Sangale road, Madaraka estate, Nairobi. Its one of the Nairobi Universities since it’s located within commuting distance of the capital centre.

Nairobi Universities

Another of the Nairobi universities is Daystar University which is a Christian liberal arts university located along in Athi River which is just few miles from the capital centre. It boasts of a satellite campus on Nairobi’s Ngong road.

The AgaKhan hospital University, is one of the Nairobi universities which were recently upgraded in order to offer higher education within reach of the capital centre. With the upgrading it was renamed to Agakhan university of Nairobi.