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Degrees Offered At Uganda Universities


In Uganda post secondary education is carried out in Ugandan universities or mid level colleges. Only A level students are eligible to enter post secondary education in Uganda. Uganda universities are of three types namely; autonomous universities which are run by the ministry of education and institutes managed by the public service commission. Makere University is one of the famous Uganda universities along with Mbarara universities which are autonomous.


There are other technical and educational colleges which though may not be directly referred to as Ugandan universities form the bulk of post secondary education. Makerere University is among the oldest of the Uganda universities and one of the most famous in East Africa. It was founded by the British colonial office in 1922 to train talented natives for low cadre jobs in the colonial civil service. Until the 1950s makerere universities was the only public university with public funding in the whole of East Africa. In 1970 it was among the first of Uganda universities to become fully fledged university. There are many private Uganda universities such as Islamic university mbale and mbarara university of science and technology. Other Uganda universities include Bishop Tucker theological college and Chartered institute of Bankers. Some colleges operate on charters awaiting full commissioning to become fully operational Uganda universities in future.

Uganda universities

Admission to Uganda universities and other institutions of higher learning is based on passing the Uganda advanced certificate of education test with a high pass. Students above the age of 25 years may apply to be admitted based upon mature entry admissions. Students who wish to pursue this line of admission to Uganda universities must have completed A levels. Students who have also completed diplomas and certificates courses are also eligible for admissions to Uganda universities. If a student has completed about years of training as a teacher they are free to apply for admission to Makerere School of education. The rules are the same for admissions to other Uganda universities though in certain circumstances the admissions are less rigorous. Uganda universities are administered through an act of parliament that was passed in 1970 establishing Makerere university as public institution of higher learning. The head of Makerere and Mbarara University is known as chancellor and is also the head of state. The executive head of Uganda universities is a vice chancellor who oversees the day to day running of the university. The chancellor is the ceremonial head and is mostly seen on the campus only during graduations.

Tips and comments

Uganda universities offer a host of course deemed as necessary both in the country and the modern world today. This includes:

  • Bachelor of computer sciences
  • Bachelor of information technology
  • Bachelor in geology
  • Bachelor in Germany
  • Bachelor in history
  • Bachelor in history
  • Bachelor in interior design
  • Bachelor in Indian studies
  • Bachelor in humanities
  • Bachelor in logistics
  • Bachelor in Greek
  • Bachelor in human sciences

Academic year in Uganda universities begins in October 1st and runs to June 30th or august 30th. The first year of study involves students taking and passing three subjects before being allowed to proceed with the rest of the studies in the second year of coursework. Lectures and discussions are often supplemented with tutorials and research for undergraduate students as well as graduate students.

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