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Columbus is the largest sate in the city of Ohio and has a lot to offer for local and foreign visitors. It is not only diverse in terms of the scenery, malls and other natural escapades it has in store, but also for its unique educational offerings. This extremely sophisticated city caters to the poorest of populations because its programs and attentions aren’t only towards one particular class of the society. Education has started to lay an important role in shaping people’s lives and careers; therefore, every state has to restructure itself to fit these very needs, however, Columbus universities already being very prominent, need no change or alteration whatsoever.


The Capital University Law School is the most prestigious and oldest law school and produces the next generation of legal professionals. This university was affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. The oldest Columbus university to be founded in 1830 the programs deal with the arts and sciences, administration, music and nursing. Because of its relationship with another major university, it offers joint degree programs and access to facilities and resources at the main campus of Capital University. The library holdings are extensive covering vast, never ending walls and providing information about almost every subject one can think of. This is one of the Columbus universities that easily has been, and currently is, the pride of all local citizens and students as well.


Columbus universities provide all aspiring local and international students with renowned education catering to diverse subjects covering almost every field. Columbus universities even cater to the growing needs of the online community and information technology focused applicants. DeVry University is one such internationally accredited university that offers a wide variety of Bachelors and Masters Degree courses. Columbus even provides an opportunity for future software programmers to gain expertise in this field. The ITT Technical institute boasts a cosmopolitan of degrees in Digital Entertainment, Game Design, CAD, Information Technology and Multimedia, all pioneers in the field of computerized programming. Another interesting major to consider is that of criminal justice that holds a lot of attraction for students looking to reduce the crime rates globally. This institute is extremely flexible and provides people to gain part-time degrees and take up courses while working somewhere else and engaging in other passions as well. The University of Phoenix provides another internationally recognized platform redeemed by the Princeton Review and Times Magazine rankings, the basis of this institution is very diverse as most of its programs are campus based and available online too. Some Columbus universities are also known for providing less favorable degrees in cosmetology for women looking into owning beauty parlors. Stratus University founded in 1892 is accredited by the Higher Commission and provides programs for working adults. It is possible to do a part-time MBA in the evenings and study subjects like Accounting, Finance, and Marketing extensively.

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Like all universities world wide they provide students with unique learning opportunities catering individual requirements and have extensive learning programs not only aimed at inculcating academic values, but also preparing them for the ever demanding work environment. Columbus Universities work graduates can easily be employed locally by transnational Columbian Companies or can even be guaranteed jobs elsewhere in the world.

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